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Shares A Distant Relative Is not as Good as a Near Neighbor
jeffrey0301 2019-1-19 00:06
There is an old saying in China: “A distant relative is not as good as a near neighbor". The means that when you are in trouble, the person who is most helpful to you is your neighbor, not your family. This is true. We really cherish the memory of enjoying the time we spent in the collective apar ...
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Shares Your Imagination Limits Your Poverty
日轮月晷 2018-5-5 13:33
It is said that how much money can we make when we were twenty-five years old was decided at the age of five. The reason is that the habit of thinking you developed when you are little tends to affect your income. It is universally acknowledged that Sicong Wang is a well-known second-gen ...
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Shares Do the hard right
Roger.Young 2018-4-30 18:27
Victory is adhering to insisting that in order to win, we must work tirelessly and suffer many failures before we can succeed. That is, failure is the mother of success, success is the sign of victory, and it can be said that persistence is victory.The Throughout the ages, many celebrities have no ...
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Shares When It Comes To Three Viewpoints
日轮月晷 2017-9-22 20:34
China has an adage,the method is different,do not seek, which tells us if two individuals got different reflection towards affairs,they can't get alone well with each other for long. Take friends for example. Provided that you keep in touch with your friends in high spirits, not only ...
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Shares Fall Is Coming, Time Flies
Germini 2017-9-21 22:32
"Provided that you were coming in the fall, I'd brush the summer by." Today is September 21 and the atmosphere of autumn is more and more full-tasting.Nevertheless, the earlier time around August 7 has already been autumn.The weather is not hot like a stove anymore and the temp ...
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Shares A Trip to IKEA
舌甘木昜 2017-9-21 00:14
A Trip to IKEA
The instant I received an updated subscription from IKEA Family Club on WeChat, I thought of that trip to IKEA with my roommates two weeks ago. Since last trip, I have been longing to go there again! Well, I have to say, if you haven't been there, then you must give it a shot owing to the fact ...
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Shares My first day in college
日轮月晷 2017-9-13 17:37
It was a lovely day with white cloud and breeze. I got up early in the morning for the reason that the freshmen are around the corner. As a sophomore student,I was pretty proud of my experience and I'd love to offer help to those who are in need. There were many people on campus w ...
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Shares My dream in childhood
Pumpkinx 2016-11-19 17:01
I think everyone would have a lot of dreams in their childhood. It may be about ability, may be a future occupation, may also be a boundless imagination. When I was about ten years old, I was addicted to the novels, especially for the time travel fiction. In these novels, the p ...
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Shares Keep rational to travel
Gloria- 2016-10-1 22:46
The annual National Day is coming. As a Chinese, we have the welfare to have a 7-day holiday. In the rushing society, people don't have much opportunity to take a long rest. Therefore, many people choose to take travel to relax themselves. As the survey shows, there ...
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Shares A fresh start for me as a sophomore
Ccamellia 2016-9-4 13:47
It has been a week for me as a sophomore. On the one hand, it is a new challenge and new surroundings for me to adapt to; on the other hand, I can find what I have learnt and what ability I have enhanced. Compared with the last academic year, I keep a better balance between my st ...
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