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Shares 29 January 2019
Sumingyu 2019-1-29 23:58
An ascent of the west gate tower of Yueyang City 登岳陽樓 by Du Fu 作者: 杜甫 I have ever heard of the mighty Dongting Lake, and now I can climb up the city gate tower beside it. 昔聞洞庭水,今上岳陽樓。 The waters divide the eastern Wu S ...
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Shares Proverb
wangjide01 2019-1-29 23:46
A bold attempt is half sucess勇敢的尝试是成功的一半 One today is worth two tomorrows一个今天胜似两个明天 Actions speak louder than words行动比语言更响亮 Good company on the road is the ...
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Shares Salary Increase
douglas-baily 2019-1-29 21:33
Tomorrow is the last working day before we start on the vacation mode, so during the past days, we are busying with all kinds of summary and set up detailed target for the New Year. As normal, we should finish the evaluation by myself and our boss, I don’t think the pay rise based on t ...
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Shares The northern off-year
Rosanna 2019-1-29 10:03
The northern off-year
Yesterday was 23th of 12th lunar year, which is the northern off-year, as the traditional way the people would like eating dumpling and cleaning the room at the day, the meaning is good new look for new year and starting purchases for the spring festival, to ring the old year out and new year ...
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Shares 28 January 2019
Sumingyu 2019-1-28 23:54
Today is the twenty - third of the twelfth month by the lunar calendar and called Little New Year. Before breakfast I began kneading dough for making dumplings later for son. I saw that the dough was mixed soft. After having a hasty breakfast, I started chopping pork and a part of a cabbage ...
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Shares Annual migration
douglas-baily 2019-1-28 22:58
This week is the last working days before spring festival holidays, as normal, some guys whose hometown are far away from working place have asked for leave in advance in order to avoid rush hours on freeway. Inevitably, no matter how many day ...
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Shares Before the Spring Festival
teadrinking 2019-1-28 21:29
In one week, the Spring Festival is coming. Some guys have alreadygone back home and some are on the way home. Fewer and fewer passenagers are foundon the subway and bus, the city is getting quiet agian. When I look back, time does change me somethingwhenI am getting on. ...
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Shares Which is More Important-Process or Result?
johnsonwu 2019-1-28 10:47
Over past six months, I was reminded again and again that result should be attached more attention than process. In other words, you only need to care what you get rather than how you go through. Maybe it is a cost-effective way in the management, with an overwhelming and domin ...
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Shares 27 January 2019
Sumingyu 2019-1-27 23:31
Just for saving a fare of 4 yuan, a lone 72 - year - old man covered 18 kilometers walking home with the purchased rice and vegetables on his shoulder . 72 岁孤寡老人为省 4 元车费 扛米和菜徒步 18 公里回家。
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Shares 26 January 2019
Sumingyu 2019-1-26 23:56
It was fortunate for Chang to face the cave murals all day long. 对于常书鸿来说,朝夕面对石室宝藏,便是人生最大的幸运。 But for Chen, who had been looking forward to the modern western cultural atmosphere, the grotto life in the Gobi Desert was unbearable. 但对于一直向往西方现代文化 ...
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