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Shares 19 June 2019
Sumingyu 2019-6-28 11:37
Fortunately, the bridge has not been washed away and its piers creak when the travelers walk across it hand in hand. How difficult and dangerous it is for people to cross such a wide river! 河梁幸未坼,枝撑聲窸窣。 行旅相攀援,川廣不可越。
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Shares Tough and busy time
douglas-baily 2019-6-27 23:18
How time flies, it comes to the end of June. After this month, we will experience a very tough time especially for myself, currently, I am not sure how busy it will be, but I sure that the work overtime will become very common. What's more, before the busiest time is coming, ...
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Shares 18 June 2019
Sumingyu 2019-6-27 13:37
Straining my eyes, I see sky - high ridges of ice blocks floating down the river from the west. 群冰從西下,極目高崒兀。 I suspect that they are the dislocated Kongtong mountains which are menacingly inclined to destroy the pillars of the heaven. 疑是崆峒來,恐觸天柱折 ...
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Shares To my son (仿 Cook 2019 斯坦福毕业演讲)
bluephoebe 2019-6-27 10:06
To my son: You are the closest thing to my heart, not least because we actually live under the same roof. The past 11 years have united us together. But today we embrace a moment that demands some reflection. Pressures have screwed up our past. Illness has tampered with our ...
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Shares 17 June 2019
Sumingyu 2019-6-26 14:28
The luxury is in close proximity to the misery. I feel too depressed to relate these social injustices any more. 榮枯咫尺異,惆悵難再述。 I travel north by coach to the ferry where the Jinghe River and the Weihe River converge and head down another road after crossing it ...
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Shares Meiyu
teadrinking 2019-6-25 23:49
Meiyu as the transliteration of a typical Chinese rainy season has already lasted for one week. Even now, I can hear the sound of rain. This time with high humidity and stuffiness, precautions of mildewing preventing is a must. It is also the time for the harvest of wax berry. I had some shared fro ...
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Shares It's time to make a change
sweetolive 2019-6-25 20:57
One girl commented on my message board of DIOEnglish: “You left your last job, how brave you are?” That made me smile, yet I can’t tell how dare I this time since I have been working at 10 companies in Australia, the longest seven years, the shortest just one day.   ...
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Shares 16 June 2019
Sumingyu 2019-6-25 18:47
The guests are urged to help themselves to the thick soup cooked by camel hoofs, tangerines and oranges. The wine and meat are surplus to the requirements of the rich and getting bad and giving off an unpleasant smell. But on the road can be seen the bodies of the poor who die of cold and star ...
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Shares Return to the childhood place
Rosanna 2019-6-25 15:10
Return to the childhood place
We returned to the area 50 years later and left with millions of our childhood memorizes at Shan Xi province Jie Xiu city again. Today returns to the city where we spent three years there in 1969-1972. We would like to find out our houses we lived in before, the street lamp where we p ...
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Shares 15 June 2019
Sumingyu 2019-6-24 20:07
Some nymph - like beauties are dancing in the central room. Their jade - like bodies are giving off a pleasant smell through the smog - like dresses. The guests are offered fur - lined jackets for keeping warm. The orchestra is playing solemn and elegant music. 中堂舞神仙,煙霧 ...
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