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Shares 2 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-2 19:07
Breakfast is offered at dining hall; I think it unwise not to take at all. There is more sleep I could enjoy. E arly rising to cook would distroy.
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Shares 1 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-1 13:28
We’re happy to be blessed With enjoying a day’s rest Permitted by the authority After snowfall for security.
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Shares March
teadrinking 2021-2-28 13:17
After the rain, it is getting bright and warm again. The air is full of fresh smell. Some birds are resting in the pear tree in front of my house. Buds conceived on the pear tree will soon sprout out. Then the tree will bloom and be atrractive for bees. It is designed to act precisely and regularly ...
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Shares 28 February 2021
Sumingyu 2021-2-28 12:56
Depressed to see falling of snow. Pedali ng may be hard tomorrow. I must retire early for the night And then get to work in twilight.
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Shares New beginning
teadrinking 2021-2-27 22:40
After the Lantern Festival, most people get back to work. New year begins and everything returns to normal again. No matter how busy it is, we still need to spare some time to do physical exercises to keep healthy. At the same time, it is a must to learn and improve ourselves. Life is a single jour ...
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Shares A plan of weight loss
douglas-baily 2021-2-27 18:56
The plan of weight loss will be put on my agenda after the lantern festival, no doubt I already gain weight a lot since I came back from another city to current city. Nowadays, I eat far more than I usually do since I lived with my parents, even though my mother alw ...
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Shares 27 February 2021
Sumingyu 2021-2-27 12:51
The fuel replaces coal and wood; Then I saved as much as I could. It’ll produce a great deal of soot. I feel guilty for actions to pollute.
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Shares The fifteenth day of the lunar month
Rosanna 2021-2-27 10:21
The fifteenth day of the lunar month
Today is the Lantern Festival falls on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, according to Chinese traditional, the people would like eating sweet dumpling with the family, as its names dumpling circle around, it means peoples getting together for happiness. For my family ...
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Shares Lantern festival
teadrinking 2021-2-26 14:18
Today is the Lantern festival and I do not eat sweet dumplings. The main reason is I do not like sweet food. According to tradition there are activities to celebrate this festival. But now the feeling of a festival is not as strong as it was before. The peace of life is much faster and burden from ...
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Shares 26 February 2021
Sumingyu 2021-2-26 14:17
I don’t believe Lantern Festival Differs from other days general Except we could enjoy freedom Without suffering any boredom.
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