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wangjide01: Found a book about plastic moding in department bookcase, which will be helpful for nest interview although the book was published more than ten years.
2018-8-1 10:53 Reply|
jennie_li: 31th/July/2018__The last day of July,2018.My teamfriend will leave us who working with us 3 years.Then a new friend will join us,I think,we can have a happy time with eachother.
2018-7-31 15:46 Reply|
wangjide01: Throw away the negative words and try to be a positive man.  I'm younger enough to change something.
2018-7-31 11:55 Reply|
wangjide01: Sharing some english course with my colleagues, improving english together.
2018-7-31 11:52 Reply|
wangjide01: Anxious can't chang anyting, just do something will be better.
2018-7-30 11:59 Reply|
admin: The speed now is much faster than before.  
2018-7-10 10:54 Reply|
admin: DioEnglish server has been upgraded to a better one this morning.
  • Xtasy: Thank you for maintaining this website like always...truely appreciate it. (8-19 09:52)
2018-7-10 10:52 Reply|
littbird: It is so quiet in this website. Just very few member post their blogs without any reply or interaction. it seems like a bad trend.
2018-7-3 13:03 Reply|
littbird: This is the begining of this week, also the begining of this month.I hope I could put myself in a calm frame of mind way every day.
2018-7-2 09:21 Reply|
littbird: Perhaps,i was an nature enemy of crabs. i ate up almost ten of it last two weeks. any kind of crabs i wouldn't like to refuse. How could i learn to resist this temptation.
2018-6-30 15:08 Reply|
littbird: good morning! i don't have enough time for writting, so just here to show my existence
2018-6-29 09:30 Reply|
littbird: I can finally write somthing here.what a strange rule,there is no right to send any words without one friend. anyway,its a nice day, i almost the first one came in to office today.
2018-6-28 08:49 Reply|
Gillian's: back for  a better habit
2018-6-4 18:16 Reply|
minibando: Live life to the fullset and make a difference along the way.
2018-5-29 20:54 Reply|
Logan_Smith: Where this is will, there is a way.
2018-5-29 12:47 Reply|
Moyan: Hello guys, i am back!
2018-5-25 14:05 Reply|
minibando: Everyday I must remind myself to take advantage of every minute to achieve daily goal. Wasting time is luxury. Too many new knowledge are waiting for me ...
2018-5-22 12:22 Reply|
minibando: Rainy day again!!!When could I see the lovely sunshine?
2018-5-21 10:53 Reply|
Gillian's: i thought it should be easy, but I was wrong, i could not have wriiten even one sentance for a successive month. i understand why i am not successful..
2018-5-20 22:58 Reply|
Vivian_Lee666: You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ---Mahatma Gandhi
2018-5-19 13:17 Reply|


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