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I feel confused these days.

1621 views. 2012-12-29 15:01 |

Since I join in this new space, I prefer to regard it as a screat place where I could describe my happiness and sadness without any hesitation.
For a long time I am struggling to act as a brave and optimistic girl. I tell myself it is lucky to live in the world. Many people stand everything bravely just want to live healthy. I am already lucky. I have a kind father and considerate boyfriend who both love me very much. Although I cannot accompany my father everyday since my graduation, I have a belief in my mind that I must earn engouth money and pick my father up to live with us.
While recently it seems that I feel very tired of my life. I do not know the reason. I do not know whether I am doing the job that I do not really like or everyone has to experience this process. Doing foreign market needs aggression, clearly thinking and more efforts. While many times I have no idea how I should do. I feel confused and oppressive. What should I do? 
Just write something in my mind.

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Reply Abbylike 2013-2-2 19:49
seriously, i am not really good at comforting others, i don't know whether what i'm gonna say can make you feel better. but one thing can be sured, the reason why i registered here is similar to you, i don't want others to "share" my sadness or be hurt by my anger, i don't want the people i care to worry about me. but i can't bury it in my heart, it hurts. you've got the point, it's pretty lucky to live in this world, experiencing everything, you know, you're luckier than me, cause you have a boyfried, and he loves you. if you do feel tired, try to experience something new or you're interested,i don't mean that giving up the former, after all, you've been holding on for a time, just to add some new colors in your dull life, maybe it works~ if you do want to do well in some aspects, then do it, following your heart. when you find it difficult to achieve, then learn~ make chances for youself. if you put enough efforts, it's a matter of time before you achieve your goals.

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