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  • raining day...i was make a lot of plan on my day off but nothing i did .... Reply
  • Sometims I realized that I can not used the complicate English word when I want speak, whatever how much word I learned , I just use to be some simpl word to talk to everyone , very sad...  Reply
  • Someone hard working, some one gone to long time trip, some one come back from trip and some one still doing slowly in our kitchen   Reply
  • don know what feeling now , is that allow or not if your friend did not to be honst to you. we will be friend continue or stop it Reply
  • feeling lazy, dont want talk to anyone and dont want wright any words...maybe i m not in good moon...feeling someone broken my heart Reply
  • Real Nameanna
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  • Birthday1979 - 5 - 8
  • Birthplace辽宁 沈阳
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learn English __4 2014-03-22
this is copy from chinese wibset of New Zealand, there are show us what some slang of New Zealand... actrually we have really to know about them ...
(989) Views|(2) Replies
move house.... 2014-03-22
I am feeling little bit sad...because i had long time did not login here and sharing something with friends here... before i was living far away form ...
(820) Views|(4) Replies
learn english ---------3 2013-11-17
HOLD UP: its mean slown down, or delay..... example: - I asked my tennis partner to hold up so i could tie my shoelace. - The plane was held ...
(747) Views|(0) Replies
time so fast 2013-11-17
feeling so bad, becouse of that i did not be there so long time... i was got a lot plan that i need to write something at dioenglish. but i never ...
(732) Views|(0) Replies
something change 2013-08-25
last night the second chef said what i gotte be leaving in a month...and will go another restaurant for work... I know this is  private life ...
(965) Views|(3) Replies

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moli 2014-1-28 11:51
long time no see, and happy new year!
lyrebird06 2013-4-6 15:17
The picture is interesting
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