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Lost Wallet

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    Today is an extremely terrible day to one of friends, because he lost his wallet on subway station. What's worse, he is not sure whether it was stolen by a thief or lost by himself, when he realizes his wallet lost due to he didn't find his wallet to pay the bill after dinner. What's more, it's already five hours past when he is aware of it. I could imagine how anxious he is at that moment. Because there is not only two thousands RMB he withdrew from ATM yesterday in the wallet, but also there are several debit cards with his ID in it. The worst thing was that he may not buy train ticket to go back hometown during the coming spring festival if he failed to get his ID back. Now, he is praying who may pick up his wallet could contact him and return his wallet, of course, in return for this, he is very willing to offer some remuneration to who a guy could provide helped.

     Unfortunately, nobody gives my friend any phone call until Today's after work, so my friend has to take another solution to make up this trouble to go to police station to issue certification of buying train ticket. Anyway, tonight will be a sleepless night to my friend.

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Reply teadrinking 2017-1-7 20:52
Sorry to hear that. It is more likely to be stolen. Things such as a wallet an a cell phone are the belongings we keep everyday, it is not easy to be lost by ourselves. We have to keep our property safe and keep the eyes on them particularly when we are out going somewhere in public.

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