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TV series

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   These days, I am following a TV series of disguiser and it’s one kind of spy dramas, maybe this is my first time to go through a whole drama. Usually, I seldom spend time on TV series, in my opinion, to watch TV series just like wasting time before I saw this, I prefer to watch a movie than TV spending one or two hours in a theatre. But, when I finished the first ten episodes, I was attracted by the thrilling storylines so that I plan to watch the rest of episodes in next week. It’s a little strange, when I was young, I was so addicted in action movie or kung fu novels so that I often escape from classroom to go to video hall or stay in dormitory for reading novels. Now, I have grown, the attraction of movies or novels has become gradually weaker to me. Even, sometimes, when my colleagues were talking about one of hot-broadcasts, I had no idea what they were talking about it. Maybe, this is one kind of costs of growing up.

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Reply Tange 2017-3-16 11:16
    could i know the the name of that TV ?
Reply douglas-baily 2017-3-16 12:58
Tange:      could i know the the name of that TV ?
The disguiser, which named “伪装者" in chinese!
Reply Tange 2017-3-17 18:18
douglas-baily: The disguiser, which named “伪装者" in chinese!
i prefer to the American TV ,   Haha
Reply douglas-baily 2017-3-22 21:27
Tange: i prefer to the American TV ,   Haha
You got it!

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