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    I am so exhausted after continuous work overtime, it is not only from physical, but also from mental. Anyway, I escape from working overtime again when after work, because if I continue to extra work, it will be out of physical limits. So I have to have a short break for giving my energy back for hard working.

    There was a serious problem caused some quality issues during the past several days, what's more, we had no idea what kind of potential factors caused this issue. So we had to do analysis to eliminate these potential factors one by one, we know it was not an easy job especially without a short time to come to a conclusion. Now, everybody faces big pressure how to finish this challenging task together, after all, any viewpoint presentation should provide enough evidence as strong support, meanwhile, it should endure questioning from others. The process of verification is long and tough due to some processes whose involve this issue that doesn't like to provide their support even try to detour this case in a way. At this moment I feel helpless that I can't do anything about it. Anyway, when I can't change it, just let nature take its course!

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Reply wangjide01 2017-7-14 00:29
Reasonable rest will be a great impact for efficiency。 We will spent more time to take care our family。  I don't think overtime work is necessary。
Reply shirleyytt2010 2017-7-14 08:08
What is the department you are working for ? I think the quality problems must to be solved out by QC & engineer dept.  Take care and overtime always makes people feel exhausting.
Reply sddzzqq 2017-7-14 09:15
I wonder what kind of job is it ?
Reply teadrinking 2017-7-15 20:31
It is necessary to take a rest when we feel tired. I also experienced that kind of tough moment in the work. I was exhausted and hopeless because I had to shoulder responsibilities and meanwhile felt desperate due to I found nobody else would effectively support me. I went through that unforgettable time which let me grown up.

It is of greatness after we finish a job successfully. It makes us feel the value that we are deserved to have. That is because we worked hard and pursued what we wanted. And finally, we made it.

Wish you are well in everything. A job is to support our living, we also have to relax and rest up well. A good condition of the healthy body is the base of everything.
Reply douglas-baily 2017-7-20 20:55
shirleyytt2010: What is the department you are working for ? I think the quality problems must to be solved out by QC & engineer dept.  Take care and overtime always  ...
I am from engineering.

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