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Farewell Dinner

Hot 1182 views. 2018-7-10 22:59

    It is almost ten o'clock after dinner with colleagues, the purpose of inviting us to the dinner is due to one guy will quit job this week and the Thursday of this week will be his last day. As usual, he will treat us to dinner before leaving. We may meet such occasions for many times so that we don't feel too much just enjoying that moment during eating and drinking. We all know that we may become the one who will be leaving one day. Nobody knows how long they could be staying in a company forever, due to the society is developing too fast that current job can be replaced by someone else if you lost the ability of learning something new, sometimes, we find trying to keep a decent life is also a tough work in a way, because, we need to remain a competitive mentality to something especially some important things we think. After all, neglecting others' comments are not everyone can do that, we can hardly live alone without environment affect around us.

    Sometimes, it is not always true to go our way, to let others speak. But, it is true if you losing the ability to continue learning, you will be phase out by this society.

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Reply jakia_zou 2018-7-14 17:20
It's a sad thing for the colleague left the company,Especially,you are good friends.maybe it's  the last time for both you to meet each together.

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