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Before I start another round busy work, I finally have a short free time to write down something regarding my daily work, to be frank, during the past several weeks, I did extremely busy hour even I wanted to quit job immediately. But, my sanity tells me that I can't do this. Not only I haven't enough ability to go outside to pursue new career, but I scare if I fail to find a new job in a short time. So I have to hang in there until a better opportunity appears. As we knew, each company has their own problems. We actually did is to try to adapt it and involved current environment and never tried to change your surroundings especially never tried to challenge current culture in company, because it will be very dangerous. Anyway, no matter how terrible the working environment is, at least, there is good news to us due to getting a raise finally realized today. Even though it never reached our expectations. But, it's better than nothing and maybe it was the only thing that made me happy. On one hand, the tons of workload are getting on my shoulder, that means I will become busy than before, on another hand, I don't think I can stick here for longer time, I should consider whether it is a time to seek a better position or changer my job outside, because it is clear to me under current working environment, I no longer keep my passion with bad paid. I need well paid to stimulate my passion and I hope I can find a better job at the end of this year.

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Reply teadrinking 2019-9-8 17:13
Rest well to be sure you can work in an energetic status. Get prepared well before you leave the current company.

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