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The life after retirement

Hot 2283 views. 2015-7-28 23:30 | corruption, government, provided, affairs, purpose

Two months ago, I used to complain that my work was very busy, affairs were too much, but then, these complaints were gone. I have retired and come home. I am enjoying my retirement life.

How to arrange the life after retirement? Since the Nation has provided that the government officials do not allow to take any social functions after retirement.

The main purpose is to prevent corruption, and prevent the officials to hold power after retirement. Once there was an association that invited me to serve as chief executive. but now, I can’t go to work there. It drives me feeling like nothing to do.

Fortunately, I have a wide range of hobbies, the study on these hobbies needs a lot of time to spend.

First, I will insist in learning English. I have to finish the related courses in the planned time. 

Second, I’m going to a world filled with nature and take my camera. I will take some beautiful photographs. Third, I will pick up the brush pen to practice writing in Chinese. To write beautiful Chinese characters have always been my dream.

Perhaps, my friends should ask me: What is the use of learning English? Will it produce profit to take photographs? Who can enjoy  what  you have written such beautiful handwriting?

My answer is: I do not have any economic purpose to do these things, this is a full interest and hobbies. These are learning activities to enrich my retirement life.

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Reply sunnyv 2015-7-29 00:09
Retirement Could mean quite a big change, particularly when you previously held an influential post. The social functions would inevitably be less. It is necessary to restrict the activities of retired officials to avoid conflict of interests. In my city, officials cannot hold conflicting positions for 5 years after retirement.

Well, since you appear to be healthy and young at heart, there are plenty of things you can do after retirement and taking photographs would be a good activity. Travel around the country. Meet some people from other countries. All these activities would widen your vision and enrich your knowledge. Happy retirement.
Reply lovingfun 2015-7-29 08:07
Retirement just mean you leave from present job, not means it is all for us, we have lots of things to do. Just as you said, you have got plenty of hobbies, then it will cost you lots of time to have a fun.
I can feel that you have arranged your way of lifestyle already, everything is in order. It is a highly time for you to enjoy your life, at least you have plenty time to do things which you like best.
At last, Happy retirement, and wish you lead a fruitful life.

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