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Chinese Food and Culture Conflict

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Chinese food are famous around the world. In fact, Chinese restaurants were spread in all corners of the world. So it is without a doubt for Chinese food to be delicious and delectable. While exporting Chinese delicacies, Chinese people are exporting Chinese food culture.
Nowadays, The whole world is merging with each other,  Chinese food are popular around the world. However, Western food in China is not popular. Some people, especially young people, although they admire who or what they see the in the scenes of cafeterias in movies or TV, but they still prefer selected Chinese restaurants to eat. I made a little mistake in this way. Five years ago, I wanted to treat some old friends on Christmas eve, and made a reservation at a cafeteria. But at the last, all of my friends agreed to gather around a big round table. They ordered the waiter to put all kinds of cafeteria food on the table, then they started to glut themselves with delicacies. I could only sigh. I think this is a kind of conflict of culture.
Personally, I like cafeteria food. It is mainly based on three reasons. First, it’s a healthy way of diet. It wouldn’t produce cross infection. Second, it’s an economic way of diet, by the amount of what you could have or controlled intake of food. It wouldn’t produce waster. The last, this is a graceful way of dieting. It made the traditional complexed diet process into a simple course. Of course, it is not fit for those people who hopes to solve some problems through banquet.

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Reply wangjide01 2019-1-7 18:56
Many people eat too much in the cafeteria   . We can enjoy so many of food and talk with each other in a chinese restaurant, athough the way was not so hygienic.
Reply jeffrey0301 2019-1-7 22:23
Most of us are still used to eating Chinese food. This is our tradition and will never change.

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