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Shares Facing the Sea with Spring Blossoms
2019-3-5 00:22
“Facing the sea with spring blossoms” originally was a sentence of a song. But it is now used by some people to describe a happy life. Why does the posture of "facing the sea” connected with the "happy life"? Personally, I think having a happy life is set up on the basement of ...
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Shares Dream and the Reality
2019-2-23 02:04
I have read an article that said a painter rented a courtyard in the countryside at the foot of the mountain and costs 4000 yuan to buy 20 years of usage. After simple renovation he moved into the cottage that is inside the yard and lived a happy and leisurely life. It gave me a leap in my heart a ...
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Shares A Distant Relative Is not as Good as a Near Neighbor
2019-1-19 00:06
There is an old saying in China: “A distant relative is not as good as a near neighbor". The means that when you are in trouble, the person who is most helpful to you is your neighbor, not your family. This is true. We really cherish the memory of enjoying the time we spent in the collective apar ...
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Shares Who Could be Trusted?
2019-1-11 00:18
Anna is at a cafe at the airport. She talks to a strange man sitting at the next table. “—Excuse me,… It's a pleasure to meet you. Could you do me a favor? Would you mind looking after my luggage for a short while? … I just need to quickly exchange my money.” "—Sure. I don't mind looking af ...
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Shares Chinese Food and Culture Conflict
2019-1-4 00:27
Chinese food are famous around the world. In fact, Chinese restaurants were spread in all corners of the world. So it is without a doubt for Chinese food to be delicious and delectable. While exporting Chinese delicacies, Chinese people are exporting Chinese food culture. Nowadays, The whole world ...
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Shares The High School Reunion
2019-1-2 23:12
For most people, attending high school reunions is a problem because they become unfamiliar with each other after many years had past. As time goes by, memories of good old days seem to vanish away. There is no more common ground for the rich and the poor. Different people have different focuses so ...
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Shares Our North Travel
2015-10-23 18:25
My wife and I have just finished our trip to the north and we've gone back home in the South. Southern city has spent the summer hot, so we have the biggest harvest is to avoid the hot of summer. There were many interesting things during our trip. We met some people and they have become ou ...
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Shares The life after retirement
2015-7-28 23:30
Two months ago, I used to complain that my work was very busy, affairs were too much, but then, these complaints were gone. I have retired and come home. I am enjoying my retirement life. How to arrange the life after retirement? Since the Nation has provided that the government officials d ...
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Shares About art topics — talk with Chawee teacher
2014-3-2 17:15
Can we talk about art topics? for instance music, drawing, dancing, movie or take a photograph. In fact, I don't know these professional knowledge, but I am merely able to appreciate it. I have been to France's Louvre Museum, where I saw many works of art. Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile showing art ...
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Shares Our East Lake Tour
2014-2-23 22:19
Last Sunday, My wife, my dog and I went to East Lake. The East Lake is not far from my home, so we often go there for a walk. After 20 minutes drive, we reached the side of the lake. The weather was nice and the sky was blue. We were walking along the banks of the lake. Because Little Sam ...
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