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Time Management

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      What's the Time? How to adjust or utilize our limited time ? many,many people are seeking the answer or miss time on the way, including me .Yeah, time is money, time is life, time is also high elastic if you utilize it available. Everyone have the same in one day, some people developed the max of value, ending the day, they felt that it was all best to them or time feedback to them much treasure. they take advantage of the limited time to learn knowledge , accompany with their family together, or get high level for their career,the others felt that they did not do anything by the end. they regret they missed the precious time.  

      There was a hot topic about time recently, called"how to gain control of your free time" was spoke by Laura, yes, in this modern fast-paced society, we always accomplished things fast and always found that we have a lot of works or things need to follow. Tired was spread to us,temptation was around us constantly, whereas, we missed the beauty scenery sometimes during the time was past. Missing the family reunion, the separate commemoration, even we make a blunder that we realize it finally. We struggle hard to make our family living a better life. There is no fault for it ,everything has two coins, if we spend much time on career, leaving less time for others, how to balance them or adjust it utilization, that's the key, it is an hard-seeking key in the path, Time is resilient, how to control our free time ? Every day is live, it is not impossible to rehearsal them. if the God give me a back chance, i will never choose you as a spouse, although it was a joke when my wife quarreled with me.Do not let us feel regret when we look back upon the ending day or the ending month, we maybe not succeed when we grasp them on the way, learning to master it that we will see surprising scene in our life, I still like one word" when you are born poor, it is not your mistake, but if you die poor, it is your mistake” time is proof, time is everything. Utilizing your prehistorical powers to control time.  Fighting!!! Jason.


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Reply douglas-baily 2017-3-16 12:55
You got the points, It's always a perpetual topic of how to balance our daily life.

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