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Keep balance with a healthy work-life in the age of technology

274 views. 2017-5-16 16:41 | technology, important, activity, personal, physical

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We are living in a digital age and are always surrounded with our smartphones, Ipad, computers.Especially,our constant connection through technology, proposals and projects have become a part of time spent outside of the office. which lead us with high stress.How to balance them and relax it. Here are some suggestions for succeeding with work and our personal life both inside and outside of the office.
1. Incorporating physical activity into your routine is an important part of maintaining a work-life balance. Physical activity not only helps to refresh both your mind and body, but also provides mental purifying during a time of stress at work, in addition to this, it keeps your body in optimal physical shape, which makes you feel more productive and healthy. Summer is the perfect time on physical activity. 
2. Separating from electronic devices during evenings and weekends, allow yourself to complete work in the evenings from 6-8 and then close the laptop. Or, respond them at Saturday morning and then take Sunday off. 
3.Incorporate downtime into your routine.Take some time to do what you love whether that means spending time with friends and family or investing in a hobby.Grabbing dinner with a friend and discussing your situation may provide new light and a solution to your problem. Take some time to see how others in your office maintain a work-life balance and follow their lead. They may have tips to help you achieve the work-life balance you have been looking for.

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