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  • Get out of the cage,and find somewhere I want to be stay and get involved in it . Reply
  • So embarrassed. Reply
  • 'I wonder how ,i wonder why ,i wonder where they are...',this song makes me feel peace and calm,let me get rid of the pressure of job,I decide to follow what I really like and more smile。Just go .. Reply
  • 'Is there something on my face?I'm just wondering why you're staring at my face',when I travel to yunnan,a cute foreign boy,I look in the eyes and smiling asking him,He became shy leaning to his mo... Reply
  • Today is the first day of this week and most of my colleagues come back to work.Having a nice mood and get involved in work to get a good start to  2017. Reply
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An embarrassing and funny thing 2016-09-26
  My sister told me a funny thing  several  days ago,she was walking back after pick her express,in the corridor,she met her foreign ...
(280) Views|(4) Replies
First time to be here,shanghai! 2016-07-04
  In 2016-2,I quitted my first job and then I came here,shanghai!   It took me serveral months to find a satisfied job,and then I get a pos ...
(299) Views|(2) Replies
A reading reflection of 《a story of Lala's promotion》(杜拉拉升职记读后感) ... 2014-10-25
    In the spare time of my university,I have read many books. Books  can influence my value for reality,let me know something that I ...
(638) Views|(14) Replies
Being a slavy to a house(成为房奴) 2014-10-23
    It's well-known that the house price is extreme high in China's first-tier to second-tier cities.The price of house of Beijing, Shangha ...
(477) Views|(6) Replies
The biggest shopping-mall Tmall(天猫商城) 2014-10-22
    In the past ten years,the Internet economy has developed rapidly in China.And now it has penetrated into every corner of people's life. ...
(697) Views|(12) Replies

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kuin 2016-11-3 10:22
Yeah,I nearly visit this website everyday ,but it's a long time I haven't seen his  articles again.
raicy 2016-11-3 10:18
kuin: You knew sedgehead?He is a very kind-hearted and knowledgeable man,but this year I made no interaction with him.he seldom published something on this  ...
Hi Kuin. Years ago when I first came here I added him as a friend. I thought he was a foreign teacher. You mean this year he did not come here often?
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