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not tytle

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Stay up late at night is normal for me. But the problem is that I need to get up early at the morning time too. Sometimes I felt frustrated, I was reluctant to get up from the bed too. Life is not ealy as we always said. I have to get up to catch the bus to reach the work place on time. Anyways I have to earn the bread!

I also know that I have the responsibility to fight for the better life. I can not give up, give up so easily. That is probably to support me to continue too!

Once I had much expectation for living in the big city. Now I feel that I am tired of living and working in the big city. I do think about living and working in small city like my hometown which would be much adorable. But that is my initial choice, I have to persist to...I know sometimes we have to love what we are doing rather than choose to do what we like. Look like conflictting. We are struggling with ourself all the way too. Honestly speaking, I am myself such a guy!

World is big, go to see the world! when walk around and see around, traveller probally would think that the best and warmest place is hometown always too!

Not be a emotional one, I have to say for some point of time human being is still emotional animal. Even we are not to express our love and hate, our like and dislike as easy as childhood time. 

Things changed a lot,  for most precious parts of life was still the days living with my grandmother. She was the one living long and eternal in my heart!


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