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My new book

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These days I was extremely busy with my daughter, due to as plan she will be move her house to my community before Spring Festival, I was starting to pack her cloth into the big garbage bags from the cabinet. You know her clothes as the mountain hill, and I have to put the cloth one by one as her order with the shelf, otherwise she will be exhaust by her talking. Come back to my text, that’s why I did not go to the fitness and did not upload my blogs.

Surly I did not give publicity to my new book. This book is about my blogs in year 2016, compare with my previous other three books, nothing special, it is almost the same as before. Main color of the book I prefer purple, the bubble to be the background is match with the title of Shinning, the fond size and letter are all the same as previous one. I told my designer who knew my style and fully understood my points. After a few selections I confirmed the final. The book is more than 200 pages, even no page inside, the index of date you can find out text easily.

The title of book “Shinning in 2016”, it is match with other three ones, Skyline in 2012, Space in 2013, and Sparkling in 2014-2015 and Shinning in 2016. These are all “S” to be the first letter of the book, to be the sister books, the meaning is about my field of vision has been promoted to the universe, my life and my eyes will be cheerful and my topic is no limitation in the earth, it will be flying in the sky freely.

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Reply teadrinking 2017-1-7 20:45
Nice work, keep writing and you will have another book about the writing in the year 2017.
Reply Rosanna 2017-1-8 08:40
teadrinking: Nice work, keep writing and you will have another book about the writing in the year 2017.
Surly there will be the one in year 2017 and following years. thank you for your encouragement.

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