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What can make the people confident?

250 views. 2017-4-20 17:56 | people

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Good looking can make the people confident that everybody knows, but today I know the healthy also can be making the people changeable and confident.

These days I did not update my blog, because of Tiger got the serious sick and living the hospital more than 10 days, it was hard to say what were the sick, something wrong with his heart, we were told he must be have the minimally surgery, so there were many different kinds of checking before the operation, no one wants staying in the hospital longer even for one day, that’s why he has to be patient waiting more days there.

The hospital is the top three hospital, so the ward of the hospital is not bad with three beds a room, the room with the window and bathroom as well, the turnover of the bed is fast I can see. At the second day there was a new check in patient with their family came into the room, the patient looks an old man no hair, like a machine, no any mood on his male when he sees the people, the doctor asked for the information to his brother patiently, said that he has never to the hospital and he never has the medicine before, but everybody in the family knows he has high blood pressure, strong smoker with five packet cigarette a day. Wow I have never heard that such strong smoker. I thought what kind of monster here I was afraid. After one or two days later still not much talks between us.

The one week was past, we still did not receive any information officially when we can have the operation, but the old man will check out at tomorrow, a small operation was finished and he got the recover as good as others, unbelievable he is only 40 years old I was told, before he said good bye to everyone in the ward, he came to me for chats, he is a tall guy looks handsome even no hair, he said the hospital give him a new live. Now he is becoming more energy like a sunshine boy. Yes it is, the hospital can make the people confident as well.

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