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This was really sad news

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One of my classmates Mr. Gu was just passed away when he was drinking coffee with some friends, I got the news from wechat, how come? I can’t believe it was the truth, I called one of his close friend to confirm the information it was.

He was a strong guy, meaning is not fat, it was the picture of health, he was an artist on design and decoration field and he was running his own company for many years, he has the sense and taste how to make the room warmly and feel comfortable, some famous clubs and bars were his productions. I remembered we met him at the ten years ago maybe, there were some meetings with my classmates for outing and birthday party, he was one of the leaders to organize, his SUV was always the first one in front with the interphone, he likes to take his camera with telephoto lens, looks so professional and cool! That was so impressive.

We cannot accept the news, I initiated a meeting with some of our groups to hold the memorial ceremony for him. The meeting location was somewhere in suburb, the pictures of direction was sent to me clearly, I picked one female classmate up in downtown with the guided system to be there on time. It looks countryside to my first eyes when I arrived, in fact, there was very big courtyard with colorful flowers and fish tank, some classmates has been arrived, I was the last one feeling so ashamed, welcome drinks and greeting let me release the upset immediately, after chat I knew this place with 10 unit of area was shared holder by six classmates, Mr. Gu was one of them, that’s why we came here to feel his existing with us today, we do not understand his cause of death was still unreasonable, even 110 has been involved, anyway, let him to the heaven peacefully.

The chatting was the most of record our stories when we were together at the ten years ago, to listen his humors voice in wechat, we had visiting fruit trees and vegetables, can feel they love the life, love the people around them, but only feel pity he got off the bus too early, the bus still going on, we are all on the bus will fight shoulder by shoulder for him.   

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Reply shirleyytt2010 2017-7-17 14:08
bad news indeed
Reply teadrinking 2017-7-17 23:37
Sorry to hear that. We can not foresee what will happen tomorrow. So we have to cherish what we have right now. Meanwhile, if we view every second as our last moment in our life, we would be grateful to be alive. To be good with people, especially those good friends.

Let's memorize those who leave us forever, and meanwhile maintain the relationship with good friends. And we also have to take care of ourselves. A healthier body guarantees us live better.
Reply Rosanna 2017-7-18 08:54
shirleyytt2010: bad news indeed
Reply Rosanna 2017-7-18 08:57
teadrinking: Sorry to hear that. We can not foresee what will happen tomorrow. So we have to cherish what we have right now. Meanwhile, if we view every second as  ...
Sometime the death is not far with us, maybe only one minute, who knows, so we should be happy we have our family, our friends with us, they love you so much, so we should have the same love to give them back as much as possible.

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