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October Holiday

152 views. 2017-10-10 08:40

This October Holiday was 8 days which was really a long holiday, every family had planned to go somewhere out of town at least, Surely including Tiger and I, the place where was not too far away from the home, to avoid crowed of people in the famous parks or the spots. We finally decided to Dong Dai He there is the seaside, and the place is totally different to the city life, the early autumn I believe not too many people likes in summer.

Luckily we know one of our friends Liu kindly gave us his apartment key of DDH, the means we did not have to order the room in the motel or hotel whatever, it is all free in high way during the public holiday, so saving a lot costs for the trip, so no doubt go there was a good choice. After we kindly invited his brother go together with us, even he did not come for some unreasonable reasons, two of us were on the way to DDH at the early morning of Oct 5th by car.

Our journey was smoothly as we expected, we followed GPS to the destination by three hours where his friend Liu has been waiting there for some time, his apartment is located near the seaside, it is really called the sea-view room, by the way, he worked in the hotel to be a housekeeper before, so he knew how to set up the hotel room to welcome the guests, so we checked in his room, wow! Surprised me that the fresh banana, the grape, the new slippers and bottle water I can say he was really waste his golden time to have the great preparation for our coming, he did not have many talks to us, just keeping his smile face nicely, and before he left, he said, stay here like your home, have a nice days!

At the following days, nice time there but I cannot forget his kindly body language till I was backing home. 

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