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The Trip to Spain (part 3) – Cuenca

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The third day or fourth day of the trip we followed the travel agent to Cuenca, which is the old city located in the middle east of Spain, because of the long history, there are many historical sites, the church and museum are very famous till now. The street is narrow with colorful stone buildings at the both sites; it looks so match with this old city.

At the beginning of city, the centre was named castle building, from the strategy planning; it was defensive power by Muslim, that’s why it was build at cliff edge, in fact only the balcony is hang in the air, because of this, the tourists likes looking for the feature, including me I took many pictures there in different views.

Opposite the hanging house there is the steel bridge was built in 1902, it looks so simple and poor, if somebody walks on it, the body of bridge must be shaken a bit, if you are the chicken, your legs was becoming soft when you look down the deep of valley area I believed.

In fact our tour guide had told us many histories and stories of this city, but I only remembered some to write, even Tiger has taken the record by mobile, but I have to surf the information from Baidu before I did my words here.

Using my own words to decorate the daily life is my classical sentence.

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