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I am back from UK

Hot 1391 views. 2018-4-16 14:28

10 days travelling in UK was really amazing, just came back at the yesterday midnight, now I am still exhausted by jet lag of 7 hours different, even my fight was from London to Qing Dao city first for one night, and then fly to Beijing at the second day. I don’t know why such stupid travel agent had arranged like this.

General speaking, the travel was not bad, the 41 people in our group was not small group, but the people was much better than we went to Spain and Canada. In fact I was so afraid to join the travel group like last time, no polite and no friendship each other at all, I was ashamed to lose our Chinese face in front of other countries. But this time no one grab a seat of bus and meal, although sometime the man was not like a real man, he doesn’t know or how to help others around him, especially when the lady was just next to him and needs helps, we cannot ask them to do something, maybe need the time to learn from the western.

Travelling is really a good time to promote the relationship for a couple, I do believe that, Travelling can make the people more closer, 24 hours accompany together, no matter where we were, the smiling is always there, the time is always short. I must say I had a wonderful trip.

Back to my story, like every time I was back from the travelling, I would like to write at least four parts with my lovely pictures, this time will be the same, I will review my wechat from the first day I had shared to the end of day, every day I was believe a lot things want to tell and share with you. Just don’t know where I can start and read.


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Reply Tange 2018-4-21 15:58
The next stations where you plan to travel ?
Reply Rosanna 2018-4-23 10:09
Tange: The next stations where you plan to travel ?
I will go to Bankok in Sept this year with my family, even I have been to there for four or five times before.

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