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Sleeping in cinema

99 views. 2018-6-12 10:06

After dinner my daughter want to shopping mall, Tiger said why not we go to the cinema in the evening, for me I was a little hesitate for the idea, obviously I cannot go to my bed in regular time it will be late back home.

You know today I just finished my regular health check in the morning, maybe this was the time for celebration, and also I did not want to miss the happy family time. Let’s go.

It was a bit rainy outside in grey evening, I reminded them to take the coat before we left home. In fact to the shopping mall doesn’t meaning that to buy something, just take a walk to see the different kind of produces and so attractive big wall pictures at everywhere, and just taste the atmosphere of each seller in the mall.

We should book the film tickets first, I said to myself and turned to the cinema counter, unfortunately there were no suitable time films to see unless after a half hour later there was an English film, “Black Water” is an action movie with two hours. I checked with Tiger whether it was ok or not, frankly speaking I didn’t like it, I only like the love story with beautiful nature views and scenes movies. I had to book it after confirm by Tiger.

The movie was starting at 8pm, so the meaning it will be finished around 10pm, I knew it was my bottom line for sleeping, don’t let them so disappointed, I kept my smiling face into the theatre, there were only a few customs, we sat down at the back line of seats, the film of the first a half hour was more attractive, the movie actor and actress are handsome and charming with native English, that’s why I like it, but I cannot stand my eyes was fighting in the dark, like my home curtain closed, at the time I found Tiger did not notice my status, only focus on the film, I thought I can have a little relax.

Till the film was finished, the theatre was not dark at all, I was still in my dream and dizzy after Tiger called me. Two of the world should have the interaction in between, I was lost, his long face I can see it was my fault to break the wonderful time to the ice. I felt so sorry for him and talking something else to get rid of it, He reminded himself He will never see the film with me in the evening, he talked to me seriously. Anyway I will let him to forget it, don’t worry.

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