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Thailand cave rescue

Hot 1291 views. 2018-7-11 10:58

There were 13 boys of footballer missing about 10 days from one of cave in Thailand, it was about 1000 experts from the around the world joined the rescue mission.

Alright, let us look at the situation now. The boys, aged 11-16, and their 25-year old coach entered the cave after a soccer game on Jun 23. So, that was the challenge that the rescuers face? The detail on the cave complex is scared? They were found the place to the entrance was about 10 kilometres away, it is the longest cave in this country. When they came in, soon after they entered, heavy rains started to fall, blocking off the entrance, and leaving the boys trapped inside. Rescue efforts began shortly afterward when they were reported missing.

The search and rescue teams aided by the diving experts have been working round the clock. They wanted to try and get the water level low enough; the group could possibly walk out, over 1.28 million litters of water have already been pumped out, but the flood of water’s there not reduce fast enough. What’s being considered was that the succour said they are getting the group diving out, but this poses major risks, the first thing, the flaw of water was very fast and strong in some parts and also muddy, meaning visibility is practically zero, and some areas was so narrow, the diver themselves, they had to take their time out to squeeze through. Most of these young boys don’t know how to swim, let alone dive.

Rescue team was giving them crash course as we heard there, Elastic rope which already in the place, should help, it can guild each boys and his rescue diver out. Alternatively, rescue divers can position themselves along the route passing the boys in relay style, they were also likely to position oxygen tanks at regular intervals to ensure air supply. Still the entire all deals was expected to take three hours or more for each boy.

In previous cave rescues, drilling has been used as a way to get the people out, but in this situation, they might take too long, the group was stranded about one kilometre below the top of mountain, the rescue teams were also searching other way into the cave, but it was race again the time, rain was not stopping during the rescue.

The good news, still yesterday, after 18 days missing, all the boys are rescued and saved, unfortunately a rescuer was died during this rescue. As we know that many of countries have involved this issue including our China. The case to tell us, don’t go to the place where is dangerous, and educate the kids to save your skills as much as they can.

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Reply jakia_zou 2018-7-14 17:03
Why did them go there,maybe we need to know the reason.
Reply Rosanna 2018-7-16 09:21
jakia_zou: Why did them go there,maybe we need to know the reason.
just challenge the thing unknown.

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