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Outing to Pan Shan

Hot 1221 views. 2018-8-5 09:29

My friends really like my Pang Shan’s home, they had been there for two times at the last year. So the last two weeks they wanted to be there again, they like the local village fair which are only at the 5th or 10th at lunar calendar. Remembered at the last time they bought a lot local dry foods and fresh eggs, the price was so reasonable. The car was full when they were backing home. We checked the calendar again before this outing; Make sure the day with the local village fair day, living one night at my home. Swimming and shopping were the most things as our plan for this outing.

I drove my car to go to Pan Shan first at the last Thursday, other car was at following. The day was really hot like sauna day, but it still cannot stop our passion for this meeting. The distance from the downtown to Pan Shan is about 80 kilo meters away, it took about one hour and 15 minutes by car. I simply assigned the rooms for them each, we were starting to make the lunch immediately, you know my friends are all the good at cooking, so I just opened my mouth to speak what they wanted in the kitchen, after a half hour everything was on the table with delicious cold noodles and green vegetables I expected.

At the late afternoon outside is still hot, one of my friend Huang she was the first time to come my home, she took a lot pictures at my courtyard, the grape, kiwi and some green flowers she said it was amazing to be here. After drinking we went out to the swimming pool where is not too far only next to my community, taken the photo was our favourite thing to show, asking the lifeguard for helping us the group photo before we swam.

At the second morning we got up early, we had a simple breakfast quickly, but I did not forget to open my music with deco, one side was dancing, while laughing and watching at my courtyard. The fair must be early to go, so we had to stop my music.

How nice the meeting we had! I love you my friends, I hope you can come to my home as many times as you can, we will have a wonderful time for sure.

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Reply wangjide01 2018-8-7 10:44
It's a nice place and an ideal life. That's so great.
Reply Rosanna 2018-8-9 08:26
wangjide01: It's a nice place and an ideal life. That's so great.
that's why I go to there every weekend.

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