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How nice trip we had

Hot 1169 views. 2019-1-22 10:27

The trip with my friends to Hai Nan was for two weeks, I joined them after a few days later.

So the first it can say it was the long time period, and then six of us, amount of people for the group, you know as our ages, we have the parents, and children, the most of husbands are the babies need to be take care all the time, it is very hard time to have our own time even one day absent, the phone calls are never stopped to ask where his belt or tie is. The third one was the special for this trip that we all have shameless to live LiLi’s home freely. Including three meals a day, having the bath, washing the cloth and living for such long time, If I were LiLi, definitely I cannot accept it, even my blood brothers or sisters, I would rather let them to live the hotel nearby, but LiLi knew most of our friends are not good living standard, she can understand if let them pay the room charges for two weeks, it was a big amount of consume, Friend is we need and friend is indeed. She is the one.

If we did not go to, I believe this winter will be nice and romance days for her and her husband privacy time.

So this trip we got together was the golden time to relax ourselves, that’s why our group nick name is “take leave without delay”. LiLi is the leader of ours, she is more smarter playing digital like phone or ipad, so the booking the ticket including parks or cars are all easy for our outing arrangement. We have visited the local traditional Li nationality culture, and Monkey island, talking the group photos is very important task in our mind, as we plan we were all wearing the red color skirt at the blue sky and sea to be twinkle star, I know it was too low but we still like it and very proud of ourselves in front of public. Some young people don’t like to see as our ages to be crazy, anyway, just do what we like.


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Reply wangjide01 2019-1-23 14:05
I admired that there are so many interesting trip in your life.  There are not any time for me for a trip.
Reply Rosanna 2019-1-24 13:09
wangjide01: I admired that there are so many interesting trip in your life.  There are not any time for me for a trip.
Thank you very much for your comments here.

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