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Yesterday was the nightmare

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The day before yesterday Tiger was helped by other from the company in the morning, I was shocked by the situation. These days he went to swim and go out in normal, this morning he left home after breakfast to work by foot, nothing wrong with him, I was told that just sitting in front of computer for a while, and then He cannot stand up by himself. He has never happened like this before.

This was still not attention to him, in the evening he was the very important appointment dinner with his clients which has booked at the long time ago, He still insisted to attend it although I have strong reason with him maybe next day or asked somebody instead. It follows that, He can not get up from the bed at the next morning, his body was hardly moved. He has known the serious problems, He called his friends and his sister for helps immediately. After a few calls, He was ready in hospital by day, He asked me to take some stuffs daily used be hospitalized.

The driver took us to there on time, I was holding him slowly to waiting the doctor coming, the doctor we knew was a really busy, and the long meeting was taken about an hour, but we want to get him, we had to do it. not bad with the help of his friends in the hospital, he has simply checking on his body, and let him to making unclear magnetism and B scanning for detail examine. I can see it is totally different if you know somebody for help in the hospital, everything is getting smoothly and quickly, I remembered I went to the hospital for CT checking in one week ago, the reservation was made after one month later. But today just asked somebody who worked in there helped, what we wanted everything finished in a half day.

The medical report was not too bad, the waist was need to has the operation the suggest by the doctor, the disease was very normal as his ages, but just because of Chinese New Year, maybe after the holiday, he can come the hospital again detail information, I was just reassurance after whole morning running around in the hospital.

Betweenness he is hardly walk right now, I borrowed a wheel chair from his father for the moment. Or maybe a walking stick is easy and helping for him. 

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Reply admin 2019-2-3 11:53
Hope your husband will get well soon. Take care!
Reply Rosanna 2019-2-6 13:45
admin: Hope your husband will get well soon. Take care!
Thank you for the attention, right now, He feels much better than before.

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