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Health recovery centre

91 views. 2019-3-2 20:56

The time was so fast, I have looked after a patient by staying with Tiger in Health recovery centre for 10 days. Since He resisted the operation for his waist, after we got the good advice by a very famous doctor, and we don’t want to take any risks for the operation, even we knew some good doctors or professors in medical field. So at the last, the conservative treatment was the way at the moment we told after they read the reports from his unclear magnetic.

Introduced by his sister, we came to Health recovery centre where is located at the west part of Beijing, it is health resort near the mountain, the place is not too big with a few buildings, a covered antique corridor with a colourful painting, like a gallery, the different green pine trees making is like a park, many of people can take the walk with long corridor, you can see many of wheel chairs at the corner to take the sunshine from the morning to the evening, very quiet to enjoying the sunset, it is really beautiful place you can relax totally.

We lived a suite at third floor with two beds with the sunshine, Luckily we are VIP guests as they said, order the dishes as per menu one day in advance, at the next day the girl is taking the food to your room directly, Like Room Service, very convenient for living there. Each shift of nurses would come to your room say hello to each room before starting their works. Very curtsey and helpful.  

Tiger goes to the treatment centre for almost two hours every morning and afternoon including Wax nursing, physical treatment, hot compress bag and traction therapy, in order to get well soon, Tiger took it very seriously and follow the instruction for each items carefully.

I was fully in charge his accommodation including his eating, cleaning and sleeping during these days, I like calling myself a baby-sitter 24 hours totally. A common vision for us like him relaxing during the time. As we all know it needs the time at least three months recovery smooth in bed as much as you can, don’t be worry, there is no short tips for the separate part of body.

This weekend we have checked out the hospital, the nurses and doctors were all very kind and good service they had, they all came to see good bye to us and they were standing one side when we were leaving. I am the hoteller, so it is a really five star hospital service I have never seen before. We had a good time during my stay. 

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