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Trip to Cambodia (part 2)

91 views. 2019-5-31 10:37

We were going to stay in the capital of Cambodia Phnom Penh for four or five days. There was only 40 minutes by air from Westport to here, it was very convenience compare with two years ago that taken 5 hours by car.  Anita’s driver picked us up in the airport on time.

Anita was kindly inviting us to live her apartment again, the same as two years ago I came here with my friend Marry Liu, this time it was same I live in one bed with Anita, we can have whisper chatting till midnight, so privacy, It was so weird both were lying at two edge of bed when we slept, surely we are not Lesbian, and otherwise it wouldn’t like that. Haha. The location of her apartment is very good near Mekong River, very nice view at the roof platform, many pictures we took at there, the coffee and tea are all free at the lounge, surely free wi-fi as well, and there is the swimming pool, fitness centre at the first flood.

The safety of street at Cambodia is not good enough at the moment, there are some grabbing bags can be happened at anywhere and any moments in the public, so avoid going out for dinner, Anita took away for her canteen foods for us during the working day, the cashew nut which was making by her staff, there is one machine for baking it only, unbeliever it was so big and still hot when we took it.

This time we came to Cambodia, one of reason was to visit an officer who worked in the local government, to see whether he can introduce some projects or using the relationship to find the opportunities of business. But surprise we were told that don’t pull any relationships with them, it was very corrupt officials here ever worse than our cities in China, if you would invite them to have a dinner together or some events to let them to come, you might has to pay appearance fee first, sounds  ridiculous! Well enough the guy accepted Tiger’s invitation to meet at our apartment for coffee only in the lounge, Surely China Wine to be the gift send to him to show our respect, he was very happy to welcome our coming.

This was another nice trip again to Cambodia, Anita asked for the hug before we left, I knew she will miss me and the same I will miss her not less than her, I will be always waiting her at somewhere in the earth to have our own privacy talking.

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