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Match of Balance bike for baby

172 views. 2019-6-3 11:15

My daughter told me at the two weeks ago that there was a game of balance bike for baby, she has nominated for Xiao Bao. The event would be hold at SKP Beijing where is her company, and this is the final competition after select 300 participants, due to her relationship our baby would not take the first round, direct into the final game. That’s why she wanted us to cheer for our baby at the day.

Balance bike is kind of bike without step plate and it is only for baby, right not it very popular, you can see it everywhere in playground. As we were told there were many qualification babies who have taken the professional class only for this kind of bike to join the event of the day. So this match must be a splendid party, let our baby to take more chances to see and open his eye instead of only staying at home before go to kindergarten.

There were four groups by age, for 2-3 years old group is the first group would be starting at 9.30am at Yesterday, one by one is going at set the circuit with four kind of obstacle blocks, the baby has to go through without any helps, the faster is to be winner. Xiao Bao likes the bike so much, this is one of his favourite toys, as long as any outings he prefers to ride it, and the bike is safer then walking or running for 2 and half years old baby, maybe he asked for hug shamelessly if everyone is around him. So any obstacle on the way he has can do it well and easily, I do believe Xiao Bao can be complete the match for sure.

There are about 20 babies and their parents have been checked in at the counter, Ours is Number 2, lucky number, the sticker of number should be sticking on each bike before register, seems everything is professional, the scene is very living and vivid with disco music, due to some sunshine boys was playing street dance and hip-hop to encourage babies has good performance.

I was ready to be the photo photographer at the site to record the great moment during him perform, after the host said to start, Xiao Bao was so handsome with his helmet go out from starting point sharply, I did not see any afraid from his face, each of blocks on the way he did very freely, seemed that he understood he must be hard work, he was really not a baby, he was a big boy, I was so exciting to move my camera and following his figure slowly to record, after he crossed the final line smoothly, the cheer up and the round applause by audience for him was so loud and exciting.

The result is not so important thing for them. In fact, what you have got from the game that you took part in is most important than, I do believe he and my daughter learned a lots from it, I hope more and more babies and their family would think about it, trying to take more chances like this. Every baby to participate has the medal after event, which is the first medal for him in his life; hopefully he will get more medals in the future.

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