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Going picnic

188 views. 2019-6-9 08:41

Dragon Boat Festival is an ancient traditional festivals, began in the Spring and Autumn period, which was originated from Qu Yuan’s story. Also called the Duanwu Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar, people always eat rice dumplings and watch dragon boat races.

Three days holiday including the weekend of the festival for this year, I suggested to my family going picnic in the park during the holiday, due to the beginning of summer is not too hot, far away to crowd people, and I have prepared the tent, the air pillow, outdoor chairs and tables in advance, I believe this outdoor activity is happy for the child and released the pressure for young mother and father. As expected my idea was really welcomed.

The first day of the holiday was a nice day, it was not too hot with a little cloudy, My family were going to Olympic park where was not too far from my home, full of car with our stuffs including foods and beverages, luckily we came more early, we found a very good place on green grass of the ground, after confirmed with gardener where was allowed for packing tent, everyone was busy for the new house, the new tent is much better than my old one, it was easy to packing, the baby was playing his bike, my daughter was making Sandwich, my daughter in law was fixing the tent, I was busy with the folding chair and table, only Tiger was nothing to do, only waiting everything was ready for his study. There were water melon, cherry, cucumber and bread hand carry from home, Chicken feet with pickled pepper which is one of my daughter favourite food I did it by myself.

The blue sky with a little white cloud, the green grass, I took one sunhat to Tiger, the young parent was playing ball with the baby, I was enjoying myself shooting, everything is relax and happy. How harmonious feeling at the moment! We will come again for sure. Before we left there were more families with their tent as well, I hope this kind of life can be taken longer till the end of the world. 

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