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It is nice to have you

383 views. 2019-9-30 09:36

“Do you have the time? Should we meet today?” how come? You are in Beijing right now? I got a piece of message from Anita this morning, I have used to her style like this after she has worked in Cambodia for three years, we did not contact frequency like before, sometime one month no any messages or information in between, even I was complain her please save your energy for me and your family, don’t leave it for your money at all.

PRC’s 70th anniversary in China, there is many flowers decorate on the street in Beijing, I am going to visit with my mom in TianAnMen square at the day, Because of Anita’s invitation is always first, I have to delay my mom plan, I understood her time is always money cannot say no or tomorrow, otherwise she would be crazy to me.

I was so happy to know that the meeting was also including An Yu and her husband, she is a little bit younger than me and she is a beautiful and charming woman, she has a girl, we went to Xin Jiang province for travelling with 10 friends including her family at 10 years ago.

Meeting is eating and eating is meeting, in fact I hate eating, not bad, after big lunch, we went to hot spring and SPA, I like it so much. For sure taking photos is one of important thing for the meeting with Anita, I took my colorful swimsuit and my hair was so good from barbershop just two days ago, I don’t like Anita’s short hair like a boy. An Yu has a full figure and plump, just because of it, she is still charming.

We really have a good time, full of memorize with my dear friends, It is nice to have you all.

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