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Trip to US (part4)

219 views. 2019-11-3 20:25

One purpose of this US trip was visiting Yellow Stone Park, which is the biggest park in the world. We were told at least three or four days to follow the line number 8 every corners of the park if you want to visit it deeply. I can say we were the lucky birds because of snowing in October as beautiful as this are few and far between as local people said, all roads were just opened, seemed that they know and welcome we are coming now.

Let our tourists knows that you may have to book the hotel in advance if you want to live in the park in high seasons, otherwise it is inconvenient in and out by car, Foods and Beverages inside are quite expensive than others.

Each parks before we visit, we would like to go to the service centre first, just let us know some information of park, how and where we can start it, where is the most light spots and features. Unbelievable the signal of cell phone was not good in the park, that means you have to take GPS for guiding.

At the heart of Yellowstone’s past, present and future lies a super volcano, huge volcanic eruptions occurred here, the heat powering those eruptions still fuels the park’s geysers, hot springs, fumaroles and mud pots. Hot springs are the most common hydrothermal features in the park, They vary from frothing mocha-like boiling water to clear and calm pools of tremendous depth, hot springs have no constrictions, so water rises, cools and sinks freely.

Old Faithful is more than its namesake world famous geyser (top photo), you can view hundreds of other geysers and hot springs.

You have the rare opportunity to view animals who are wild, they behave like their ancient ancestors, as you know if the traffic in the park, only reason is the animals are tired and lying on the road maybe for a day or more, to be human being we have to say nothing and wait, due to this is their areas. Enjoy watching animals but stay safe, they are wild and dangerous really.

Every corner of Yellowstone reveals the park’s rich array of nature and history.

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