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Miss you Mom

233 views. 2019-11-11 10:44

These days I blame myself why I didn’t accompany my mom longer. My brother lives with her together starting from this year, because of she is 86 years old and her health is not as good as before, sometime she is a little mess in her mind when she is talking something or somebody, she is easy forget what did she say and what did she do a moment ago, but she still can call me using her phone or pick up the phone she knows whom she was talking to.  This US trip was taken three weeks more, longer than others travels, she was quite upset and worry about me, she asked my brother to call me for many times, trying to contact me and she was worried about my travelling, even we had 12 hours time different. After confirmed I was safe she can close her eyes for sleeping.

After I was back from US, at the first time I called her directly and said I will see you this morning, and I said can you make the porridge for me, due to I wanted to have the lunch with you at home, I have known and heard how happy she was through the phone call, in fact I wanted to check whether she can remember what I said and she can do for me or not. When I was at home to see the warm porridge and her smiling face, I was so emotional leave my tears.

My mom is open mind and like smiling, When I called her and asking how she was going on, she always say I am quite good, don’t worry about me, she found the excuse for me how busy I was or not absent for visiting her because this and that.

My brother told me that she wish she can see me more often that it would be great, even I have invited her to come my home for the periods, but she was kindly refused, maybe I should understand as her ages, don’t want to move, just stay at home is more safe and quiet.

Anyway I will see my mom often and staying longer with her to chat, or maybe nothing to say, just give her a couple of water or watching TV together. Let the people said: let me grow old with her gradually.

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