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Trip to US (part 8)

251 views. 2019-11-21 10:29

I believe everybody remembered Forrest Gump, the film I like it very much. The guy who is slow-witted, and are only, Nevertheless, by keeping a sincere attitude toward life, they eventually made a success beyond the reach of many wise people, that’s why I like the film very famous.

On the way of Monument Valley, just passed the road of the film: Will you marry me? Let go home. Which are very famous words of film till today. Surely I took photos for myself.

“Where the earth meets the sky”, which is the super sentence for Monument Valley. Where is about 240km away from our stay in the west of US, so almost till the lunch time we can be there. Where is original from Indian, the monuments are based on ones imagination and description. These names were created by the early settlers of Monument Valley, other names portray a certain meaning to Navajo people. Tiger was talking one of old woman who was selling her stuffs on the entrance about her life.

We were told one round of park it was taken two hours by car, because of keeping the nature view, the park is no hard road, which is only a dirt path that leads up small hills, that’s why the car cannot drive fast, we had to close the window tightly, and otherwise we will become yellow animals.

The Hogan Village is located beyond the north parking lot, these sun-baked mud covered homes are called Hogan, means home to the Navajo. In Navajo beliefs, there is always a balance of life. There is a female and a male, The cone shaped home is called a Male Hogan, Used as a temporary home because if can be built quickly and taken apart to be used at another location, The round shaped home is a Female Hogan, used as a permanent home and can accommodate more people. Very interesting story.

There were no many people in the park, especially for Asian people were very seldom at all. The blue sky compare with the red Stone Mountain which is very charming in the pictures.

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