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Trip to US (part 9)

Hot 1325 views. 2019-11-21 12:09

Grand Canyon is one of national park, where is our one of destination for this trip. It is located at state of Arizona. Which is sort of run east-west about 350km away and 1600 meters deep height, there is a river pass by the bottom of valley.

Oct 13 was the weekend, and the park is not far from the city, that’s why so many cars waiting for the checking in including ours. The day was sunny day, after we got the advice about what time was the best time for watching and where in the service center, we took some bottles water and sun block cream for each one. There were the buses in different colors to the different attractions, means we had to park lot our car and following the direction for opinions.

I met a old woman from Germany with elegant green suit, she was so talkative and the first sentence said to me” Sitting here you can imagine your dreams”, in fact she was out with her husband this time, she told me her husband worked in Lufthansa airline before, how coincidence I worked in Lufthansa international hotel, she told me how to enjoy the rest of life and how to give others warm hands as you can. Before say bye to each other we had the warm hugs and gathering photos.

The next day we were going to the east part of valley. Luckily this part we can drive, no need to take the bus, which is easy in and out for shooting. When I was happy to take the different pose, I found a very handsome young guy who was the tour guide and driver for a group, he was speaking native charming American English to explain the history of the park, I was following the group slowly, just wanted to take the photo for him, let you see how handsome he was!

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Reply admin 2019-11-22 11:11
Your life is so colorful  
Reply Rosanna 2019-11-22 20:20
admin: Your life is so colorful   
thank you guy!

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