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Should children be allowed to cry?

247 views. 2019-12-6 09:53

When a child fell down and started to cry, his parents would say to him, “Don’t cry, be a big boy.” Many of us had such experience in our childhood. With these words, parents are sending a message that big boys don’t cry and crying isn’t an appropriate response.

No one likes to the kindergarten as 2-5 years old. Every morning it is the hard time for them to leave their parents for whole day even longer, some of them go to the boarding school, the poor is they have to stay in the school for a week without parents, so that’s why they would cry to release the sad mood, it is very normal. There is nothing wrong with children’s cry, because it can make them feel better. When parents tell their children not to cry, they are teaching them to keep their sensitive feeling inside. This will lead to children’s inability of expressing themselves on subjects that deal with emotions when they grow up. Besides, according to the recent findings, when people cry, tear carry some toxic substances from their body. This might be a possible explanation for why women enjoy a longer life than men, who cry far less than females.

At the mean time, we should let the children know how to be tough and strong when they meet the problem, crying is only way to release mood, and after that you might find the way to solve the problem. For example, if other friends grab your toys in the room, and you don’t like to share with them, you might tell them the reason or you might say we can exchange yours to me. Or you might say I can give it to you tomorrow.

In short, crying is a useful way of self-expression. Crying with an acceptable reason is natural part of our life for it is beneficial to us both physiologically and psychologically.

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