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Is mobile phone a blessing or a curse?

301 views. 2020-1-14 09:59

It is universally accepted that mobile phone is playing an important part in people’s lives. But, there is an ongoing heated discussion as to whether mobile phone is a blessing or a curse.

As is known to all, mobile phone has many advantages over traditional phones. First, it is easy to carry. Keeping a mobile phone means you can be reached as anytime and anywhere, no need to take your wallets or luxury bag in the public, mobile phone can pay everything you want to buy, like subway ticket, foods and drinks, and parking fee. You can play games to kill your boring time, you can be surfing any shopping platforms on your mobile. If you want to know how to cook the food, you might check your phone to show the hundred videos or recipe you want. Second, with the new model of mobile phone coming into existence, people can receive massage, send e-mail and look for the latest information on their mobile phone, just as they do with their computers.

However, other people insist that mobile phone is a curse rather than a blessing. They argue that it has brought about many problems. The major one is its effect on people’s health. The parents are playing their mobile phone in front of the kids, less communication with children at the limitation time; they may learn from them. According to recent survey, before people gets up every morning, the first thing to play mobile phone at the dark room, it is very harmful for eyes, people who use mobile phone very often are more likely to suffer from brain cancer due to the radioactivity from the mobile phone. Besides, mobile phones make a lot of noise in public places.

Surely using mobile phone makes our life easier, in my opinion, the advantages of using mobile phone overweigh its disadvantages. But we should use it in a proper way to minimize its disadvantages.

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