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The virus spreading in China

1225 views. 2020-1-22 10:40

There is hard to call the name of virus spreading in China since beginning of this year, which likes SARS, easy to infect between human being or animal, the first finding it from Wu Han and Guang Zhou city. Up to today, it has been spread to many cities in China and more than 300 patients have been confirmed.

The mayor of Wuhan called on people not travel to and from the city in order to combat the ongoing pneumonia outbreak, reducing the flow of people will also decrease the possibility of the virus spreading and lighten the pressure on disease prevention and control efforts.

I have seen the news that Strengthen measures to scan passengers for higher body temperature at airports, train, bus station and ports of WH, reduce or cancel all unnecessary large gatherings. The doctors and nurses are all cancelled days off during this special period. Patients with serious symptoms should be treated by a team of medical workers with a specific plan, and hospitals should strengthen the protection of their staff to prevent infection within hospitals.

The city will promptly and objectively release information about disease prevention and control. We can see the morning news how many patients newly increased clearly. Traffic management authorities in Wuhan are searching vehicles entering or leaving the city for live poultry or wild animals. Health experts say animals are the likely source of the new corona virus responsible for the disease.

All passengers with higher than normal temperatures will be registered and transferred to nearby medical facilities. They will get a full refund of their tickets and rescheduling charges, it said.

So face mask is very important when you are outing no matter where you are going. Washing your hands often is also main point; Try not to the gathering areas, we hope we can overcome the difficulties and we will have a good time for Spring festival.

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