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Radio Beijing International

56 views. 2020-7-30 14:49

Tiger is one of English lovers. Almost every morning before he gets up he may have to listen English broadcasting Radio Beijing International, and the voice is too loud for me, therefore I am strongly complain sometime, Please turn down a little bit my dear, in fact I cannot stand it hardly. Especially when we are having the breakfast on the dining table, at the most of time I have to listen and don’t let him angry.

Radio Beijing International is a very good programme, Morning time there is the class with different topics in daily for students, Ms Zhuang Zhuang is one of female teachers, and I like her so much, I can learn a lots from her class, due to she always explain for each sentences of the text in her experiences, she may tell you how can you use it, why and she may give the example, so impressive for me “ poverty cycle”, for this two words we all know it, But we don’t know the expression, I can learn a new word in the context, for example, a set phrase, a sentence or even a paragraph or a passage, which can surely help me understand it more deeply. I was told she is not so slim as my expectation, but I have not young any more, base on teacher’s looking like her or not. As most of young students, the result of their subject is good or not depends on their teacher’s looking and smart, if the teacher is a very beautiful girl, the boys in class may like her subject much than others subject. It is understood.

Ms. Zhuang Zhuang her voice is magnetism for me, maybe she is Beijing citizen, I was surfing the internet trying to find her picture for my attachment of the blog, but there is not. I really hope I can see her in real or virtual in some days later. I love her.

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