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Taking things easy

Hot 1118 views. 2020-8-25 11:20

Why you lead a life so busy? You’d better take things easy. As long as Money can help you that‘s not the problem.

5 8 app is a good platform helping you a lots on any affairs when you asked for helps, such as daily cleaning, maintenance, baby sister, installation and pick up goods. I found a middle age woman to take a big backpack with orange logo “58 got home” at my community, I chatted with her actively, what do you do normally? What’s inside in your bag? Why is it so big? She looks a little tired and said to me nicely. She just finished cleaning kitchen ventilator, a steaming machine, pail and tools in my bag, take about two hours for one unit as she said, that’s why her pale and voice a low. She will go to other place for the next issue. Pity I did not take the photo for her. The life is not easy for her I must say that.

I remembered at the last year, an old electronic sofa I would like to move to my mom home, I asked for “Huo La La” for help, very good diver with his van to my home on time. I satisfied afterward to given the comments. I would like to try in 5 8 platform in some day for my kitchen, such as refrigerator, cook hood which are difficult for me to clean deeply, or carpets I must be asked for in someday later, making my life easier. Am I a lazy woman?

Compare with them, I am lazy woman, but on the contrary, I give the chance to have the job to help her family. The topic is out of my points, but it is true.

It is developing very rapidly, we may change our mind to accept the update life style, there is almost no cash flowing in our daily life, any payments one mobile can do anything for you. 5G will bring us more advantages, on this new social media life. Our government comes up a proposal, Please don’t waste any foods, it sounds a standing dish, but it is very important at this ages. We may make our life easy and happiness.

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Reply teadrinking 2020-8-26 11:19
You do observe the hardship of many people and are willing to help them out. Actually you are not lazy and you know the quality of life and meanwhile try offering them chances.

Almost everything we want to do can be done by an order from a smart phone. The 5G technology really improves the connection between people.

Have fun in life.
Reply Rosanna 2020-8-31 10:48
teadrinking: You do observe the hardship of many people and are willing to help them out. Actually you are not lazy and you know the quality of life and meanwhile  ...
I am so happy to have my friends like you.

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