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Clothes influence manners

Hot 170 views. 2020-9-15 10:13

I like running outside in the morning, I do care my looking, if I wear my T shirt with famous logo, red sport shoes, and arm bag with my nice music, much to my surprised, even say I have been running extend to my bottom line not feeling tired at all, on the contrary, if I wear leisure casual cloth, I would not have any spirits whole day long. The tailor makes the man, clothes make the man. The fine feathers make fine birds, I do believe so.

Formal dress can get rid of bad habit, for example, people are standing straight with suit. I remembered when I worked in my previous company; there was an annual party for management, clothing requirement is smart casual at the bottom line of the invitation card. You know in my company, suit for man and formal dress for woman are basic daily working uniform, so GM would like his staffs more relax and free talks on the party, don’t be so seriously each other with smart casual clothes, the image to be close.

I was kindly invited to attend Controller’s meeting in Berlin of German, for sure that was an activities foreign affair, My image was not only for my company, it was on behalf of oriental character, Chinese Qi Pao is traditional Chinese dress, it was my first formal dress on welcome drink ceremony, after that at the night party I was reloading my black long dress, I thought there was no shame at all for Chinese.  

I haven’t wearied high-heeled shoes for long time, but if I wear it, holding my head high and stay strong. At the last week, there was a meeting with my friends, I was wearing a green shirt with the same colour scarf, and brown man leather shoes, they said it was totally British style, so we must go to the bar or western restaurant, otherwise, it is not match, I knew it was a joke, but it is true that matching is important in our life.

In conclusion, the attirement can influence our manner and behaviour.

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Reply teadrinking 2020-9-15 23:01
We are with different kinds of clothes to be in line with the standard of different occassions.
Reply Rosanna 2020-9-20 14:59
teadrinking: We are with different kinds of clothes to be in line with the standard of different occassions.
Surely, the different occassions and different people has the different opinions.

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