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Senile dementia (Alzheimer’s disease)

85 views. 2021-4-6 18:03

Senile dementia is a cognitive dysfunction syndrome occurred in old age, and its incidence shows a rising trend year by year with the development of population aging. Senile dementia has its own particularity, the care difficulties are more than other diseases, and it brings great challenge and pressure to the caregivers. It not only threatens the patient's quality of life, but also affects the normal lives of their family and society.

There are more than 30% people whose are over eighty years old having senile dementia. Till today there is no fundamental treatment, showing our loves as much as we can to them is only the way, and treating them like children.

My mom is eighty seven years old, since the beginning of this year, she is gradually getting mess in her mind and poor memory, one thing she might ask you many times within a hour, but some old memories in the past you cannot image she can remember clearly. Therefore, my brothers were going to take her to see the doctor for her, after check with me whether I can ask somebody for getting medical register first.

Unfortunately, My mom was broken her arm recently by carelessly, so she is unwillingness and very hesitating and worrying to see any doctors for AD, we only told her white lie that to see doctor for physical checking, she was getting the car. In the morning my brothers picked her to the hospital for her arm re-examination first, and then we had the simple lunch together at the Chinese restaurant nearby the hospital, just because of to see doctor was only in each Tuesday afternoon for AD.

The doctor was asking her some questions according to the checking list, she only got poor scores compare with full mark, so we were told my mom is in serious AD so far, and she may has further checking by CT scan for head and blood test reference, and then it can be have final result.

General speaking, we may take care the old people around you who has Senile dementia (Alzheimer’s disease), they are really need our loves and helps, more accompany and more smiles to them, maybe someday later you may be one of them when you are old in the future.

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