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Physical examination

Hot 174 views. 2021-10-7 08:52

Recently I did not feel very well, sometime I was a little bit anxious I cannot get the good sleep. My waist has been made the trouble to me since July of this year, hardly to sit for long time, because of I was loss of appetite, thats why I have lose my weight even I was happy to heard that. Maybe this was my downturn period.


Tiger would like me to have physical examination in Xi Yuan hospital which is a traditional Chinese medicine before National Day. I agreed. Only one thing I was worry that at least one week in the hospital without freedom, thats mean you cannot go in and out, due to the pandemic period, no visiting hours. So I find one of my good friends Ms. Lily company with me to kill the hard time. Tiger is really great to be infinitely resourceful live in the hospital in one day including nuclease testing and CT checking.


Change the patient cloth and one bracelet, to be told some rules by one of nurse seriously during the time, like how to separate the garbage, what time can be walking in the limitation corridor, when you have to turn off the light, clean up the table desk always, I mean this is a prison, is nt it?


In fact, the doctors and the nurses are very nice to our patients, only I felt a little strange for that army management. Doctor Zhang is in charge my case, after I told my purpose is only for physical exam, she was totally understand to write it down checking list and making the reservation to individual departments immediately, why I love her, because of efficiency and good attitude I have never seen it before, in my impression that all the doctors are very cold and no smiling face at all.


From the head to foot I would like to check one by one, It was a busy schedule during the week for sure, main reason was I was lucky to have the responsibility Ms Zhang gave me fully help, any asking she would like to tell in professional way to analysis your situation. And also I found there were a very good team in this inpatient ward, every afternoon there was training class, we may follow them to have body building exercise or the medical basis course.


One week was so fast, some of exam reports have been ready, the results were not too bad, it is much better than I expected and thats why I was so happy to sit my computer to share with all of you here. Tiger said he found the original one again. I told him, I love you, you are my sun and my world, without you I cannot live till today.

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Reply Doer-LY 2021-10-7 14:37
I'm very glad to learn that you get a better result.
Tomorrow will be better!
Reply Rosanna 2021-10-9 07:46
Doer-LY: I'm very glad to learn that you get a better result.
Tomorrow will be better!
The smiling to our life

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