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What advice would you give to your younger self?

Hot 1104 views. 2021-11-13 10:00

There are some interviews on the London street.

  1. Try hard at school, why would you say that? Because you won’t end up on street selling T-shirt.

  2. Be a bit more adventurous, have a go at things, don’t worry about anything, just do it. Probably at the age I am now, I’ve realized over my life, I’ve probably not done things, because too worried about what might happen and what not, where’s really you know, just go for it.

  3. Be braver, be bolder, take more chances, when you get older, you realize that in your youth you care about what people think of the way you dress, the way of your hair you concern about, you get lack confidence, because you’re not like everybody else, when you get older, you don’t care.

  4. Have more confident, and it’s because I did not risk things and that’s what you’ve got to do in life, you just risk everything, and you know, there is no point living a life if you don’t try things, and otherwise you’re just the kind of scared person.

  5. Stop being so angry, I was very insecure as a teenager, and I thought the world owed me a favor, I thought that kicking off and getting angry and making people afraid of me was the way forward, but only just pushed everyone away, and nothing ever really materialized for me until I realized that being angry is in the way, and now I’m just more chill and going down stream, so things are just like happy. I’m a lot happier. My skin cleared up as well. I used to have really bad skin. Yeah, everything’s just way better. Sound cliché but it‘s true.

  6. Take risks, I wish that I’d taken the risk when I was younger, I think if you don’t take the risk, You’ll never create an opportunity for yourself, and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? bit of risk throwing into the pot, and if it works, it works brilliant, if it doesn’t, like I said do something different or move on try something new, whatever.

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Reply sys 2021-11-13 14:07
it works brilliant . enjoy your simple style .
Reply Rosanna 2021-11-19 09:26
sys: it works brilliant . enjoy your simple style .
Thank you for your complimentary

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