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How to keep fit

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Good health is the most valuable asset a person can have. There are three things that a person can do to stay in good shape: eat the right foods, get enough rest and have proper exercise.

Proper nutrition is important for good health. What is it the right foods? Avoid foods with too much sugar and fat. Eat more high-protein foods, vegetables and fruits, port, beef or lamp are also important, just don’t be too much, milk, egg and cheese as well, General speaking, you should cut down coffee and cigarette, have a balance diet.

Getting the proper amount of sleep is also needed, without enough sleep, you will feel tired and easily irritated, Allow yourself adequately sleep each night. For me recently I cannot have a good sleep, it was a really horrible experience when you hear the sound of snoring from others in the midnight; it is anxiety for overwhelming frustration. I suffered the headache and loss of appetite. Any way now I become more energy and I find myself now.

Finally, get plenty of exercise. As our ages, as long as you keep one of exercise in a day, like, waving the silk on the grand can keep you shoulder flexible, kicking the shuttlecock, playing the instrument in the park, singing with the group in the public all can bring more sprite of our heart and good mood. If you are young enough, you may have basketball, volleyball, swimming, bicycling and running are good exercises. Exercise improves your heart and lungs, prevents you from gaining weight and helps you fight against disease. Because of my waist is not good enough, I keep swimming two times a week now, make sure myself have a good fit and energy.

If you can stick to the habit of eating proper foods, getting enough sleep, and doing regular exercise, you can expect to stay in good condition all your life.

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Reply teadrinking 2021-12-6 21:57
Health is important and we have to keep good habits to remain it. Eat, rest and exercise well and then we have nice mood and energy to maintain health.
Reply sys 2021-12-7 08:42
properly explained the reasons on how to be unhealthy , and offer the suggestion on how to keep fit regularly . if someone can act normally in daily life , it will be perfect, and there will be less cancer happened in life .
Reply Rosanna 2022-1-18 14:44
sys: properly explained the reasons on how to be unhealthy , and offer the suggestion on how to keep fit regularly . if someone can act normally in daily l ...
thank you for your comments

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