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A little happiness

Hot 1413 views. 2022-4-13 10:34

Ms. Wang Xiao Qian is one of my favorite anchors, I know many people knows her from TV program, she was a good and famous host in Exchange Space performance. Now I am the funs of her in Tik Tok, I have learned a lot from her vlogs including routine tips, education for kids, food health, how to be an elegant woman and dress collection, That’s why I like her so much.

One of vlogs was given me so impressive, she said some people are feeling anxious and heavier pressure, maybe the epidemic situation in the world, maybe working pressure, disease, aircraft accident and disaster, How to avoid those bad things from your mind, even this is out of control from ourselves, we might find the way to get rid of it from my mind and to be an optimistic or a sunshine boy,

She may try to set three little happiness you every morning, which is not difficult for you to reality, for instance, reading a novel, making a good dinner for family or watering flowers, which can kill your boring time, when you are alone, you don’t feel so lonely, she taught you how to be a strong man in five years later, you have to prepare and change from now on, Every morning and evening you make the conclusion for yourself at twice, in the morning, you have the plan for the date, and the evening you review it briefly, don’t feel this is so trouble and useless, you could control your time and your life gradually and properly, in fact this is setting your future, setting what kind of person you are.

For me belong my three interests, such as rope skipping at least 400 times, writing a blog weekly, swimming 1000 meters in two day, take care Tiger accommodation including making three meals a day, jogging 3-4 kilometers, seeing my daughter and kid as possible as I can.

What I have learned from her that I am trying to clear the confusion that was fogging my brain, I should keep smiling face in my life, doing something slowly, don’t be so worry and anxiety, we are enjoying our happy moment.

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Reply teadrinking 2022-4-15 19:16
You never feel bored since your life is rich in arranged routines. Keep that style and meanwhile you can discover and explore new ways to enrich your life. Thus, a happy life is with you everyday.
Reply Rosanna 2022-4-18 10:58
teadrinking: You never feel bored since your life is rich in arranged routines. Keep that style and meanwhile you can discover and explore new ways to enrich your  ...
Thank you so much!

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