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Shares Change management
Rosanna 2019-4-20 09:35
Change management
Some positives and negatives points as below: l Set achievable aims l Plan ahead l Out of control l Unrealistic expectations l Lack of foresight l Stay on track Step 1 – Create a se ...
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Shares Dyson hair dryer
Rosanna 2019-4-16 10:24
Dyson hair dryer
Two weeks ago was my daughter’s birthday, I checked with her what kind of birthday gift you want this year. As you know every year of the day, we prefer to buy one gift which is very useful and more valuable, on the one hand to helping her life easier, on the other hand to make her happy. ...
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Shares Technology is making people lazy
Rosanna 2019-4-11 10:29
Technology is making people lazy. Now when doing laundry, we switch on the washing machine instead of using our hands. We move on wheels instead of on foot. To calculate, we use the electronic calculator instead of our brains or abacus. Before the invention of TV, people walked miles in order ...
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Shares Visiting the home town (part 3)
Rosanna 2019-4-9 16:41
Visiting the home town (part 3)
My mother and my father’s homes are very close each other, one village apart, I remembered it was about 5 km away, due to I took the walk go and come when I was a little girl. At the third day we were going to see my aunt, she is my father’s younger sister from countryside; She is a ...
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Shares Visiting the home town (part 2)
Rosanna 2019-4-2 10:53
My uncle and his big family were waiting us at the entrance to the village, greeting and laughing were breaking the quiet village, and the dog was barking which was to welcome our coming. There was a big courtyard with steel gate, I have never seen such big courtyard before, it can b ...
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Shares Visiting the home town (part 1)
Rosanna 2019-4-1 15:06
Visiting the home town (part 1)
My uncle invited my family to visit his new house at the countryside at our home town in He Bei province. I was informed by my elder brother at two weeks ago, we were going to be there with my dear mother and other brother at the end of March. I have two uncles at my mother’s family, ...
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Shares All is well
Rosanna 2019-3-25 11:49
All is well
“All is well “is one of TV play which is very popular recently, you can see any where at Medias talking about this. It is almost the end of story this week; I am one of these series trackers although I seldom watch TV at home except this one. There is the very traditional Chinese fa ...
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Shares Dragon Head-rising up
Rosanna 2019-3-20 08:46
Dragon Head-rising up
Dragon Head-rising up is Lunar of second day in February. After this day the people can go to Barber shop having the hair cut, people all said that if you do the hair cut within the first month of lunar year, your uncles will die because of this. So nobody wants to have any complaint from rel ...
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Shares Gtime fitness centre
Rosanna 2019-3-13 09:59
Gtime fitness centre
I was invited by one of my friends Hai Yun to Gtime fitness centre with my friends yesterday. The location is in south east of Beijing, it is quite far from my home, I looked up BaiDu map before I left, how can I get there? I prefer green outing, so By subway or by Bus? Both are at least takin ...
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Shares Everything comes back to life
Rosanna 2019-3-11 11:01
Everything comes back to life
March is a good month of the year, Spring will be coming soon, the sunrise is coming early in the morning than cold winter, all plants and trees are willing to say hello to every one after it has long sleeping soundly, My life seems going to normal after busy February, even Tiger still needs ...
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