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Shares Helicopter parenting
Rosanna 2019-8-20 09:41
Helicopter parenting
Helicopter parenting describes a style of raising children where parents were over protective and do too much. It describes parents hover over their kids at home and at the playground like a helicopter. Today modern technology allows these helicopter parents to hover from even far away. They ...
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Shares Sun flowers
Rosanna 2019-8-13 10:19
Sun flowers
Sun flower is kind of plant with the beautiful flowers, the head of flower is following the sun from day to night. Flower language is silent of love, unspoken love, faith, superior, loyalty and admire. That’s why we called our intimate group is the one, because we are the childhood friends ...
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Shares Love selfies, Love photographs
Rosanna 2019-8-6 10:10
Love selfies, Love photographs
Selfies are more popular than ever, according to data from Google trends. Some of people may measure their happiness in brands and show their success with selfies. My friends take a lot of selves and won’t hang out with people hotter than her. But I love selfies, love photographs, I like sh ...
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Shares Invitation letter
Rosanna 2019-8-2 09:10
Invitation letter
Dear Li Juan My whole family is excited about your visit. We are eager to know how long you will be staying with us. As you know, you are welcome to stay as long as you wish. We have a spare room for you and would love your company. Don’t worry about finding my house, because I wi ...
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Shares My birthday
Rosanna 2019-7-30 11:33
My birthday
I am leo, Yesterday was July 29 that was my day, the day of each year for sure big dinner, gifts and happy hour which is my time I do whatever I like, such as SPA or full set massage that is my favorite. Luckily at the early morning of yesterday had rain heavily, erase extremely ho ...
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Shares Extremely hot
Rosanna 2019-7-25 11:21
Extremely hot
Absolutely, the second of the three ten-day period of hot season, these days everywhere including Beijing is really hot like sauna day. After back from Lu Shan mountain where is mountain resort and be away of summer heat. I have to adapt it for the coming weeks. I have gotten right ...
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Shares Trip to Lushan Mountain
Rosanna 2019-7-23 10:20
Trip to Lushan Mountain
Lushan Mountain is located in the northern part of Jiangxi Province, to the south of the Yangtze River and northwest of the Poyang Lake. According to records, it has a history of more than 2,000 years. I have been there at 20 years ago of red tour with the company, the impression was th ...
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Shares Why is a sense of humor important?
Rosanna 2019-7-11 10:17
Why is a sense of humor important?
A sense of humor, God’s greatest gift to mankind, is universally considered the most valuable personality. Is it born within e very person’s heart, but has to be cultivated. A person without humor is just like a spring without flowers, or like a dish without seasoning. In a sense, your per ...
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Shares Medicine drawer
Rosanna 2019-7-9 10:04
Medicine drawer
Every family has the first-aid kit or medicine box just in case if something happened urgently, we can help ourselves before go to see the doctor or the hospital. There are two medicine drawers at my home; one is for Tiger which has three or four kinds of medicines only on daily basis, due t ...
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Shares How to descript a person
Rosanna 2019-7-4 10:11
How to descript a person
There are four kinds of style lists feature of writing; they are Narration, Description, Exposition and Argumentation. For me I usually write my blogs with Narration more, it’s meaning my experience to tell the story from the beginning to the end, it likes a diary which is more reality. But ...
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