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Shares The virus spreading in China
Rosanna 2020-1-22 10:40
The virus spreading in China
There is hard to call the name of virus spreading in China since beginning of this year, which likes SARS, easy to infect between human being or animal, the first finding it from Wu Han and Guang Zhou city. Up to today, it has been spread to many cities in China and more than 300 patien ...
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Shares Talk to myself
Rosanna 2020-1-19 08:26
Talk to myself
When people are asked why I have taken up a particular hobby writing English blogs for such long time. They tend to give very different reasons. Some say I ought to do something useful in my spare time, others talk about self-improvement and the importance of learning to do something new ...
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Shares Why people keep pets
Rosanna 2020-1-16 10:45
Why people keep pets
Nowadays many people keep pets, because they think animals like dogs, cats are people’s best friends. They are various reasons for people keeping pets. One of the most popular reasons is that pets are good companions. We all need companions to keep us feeling happy, especial ...
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Shares Is mobile phone a blessing or a curse?
Rosanna 2020-1-14 09:59
Is mobile phone a blessing or a curse?
It is universally accepted that mobile phone is playing an important part in people’s lives. But, there is an ongoing heated discussion as to whether mobile phone is a blessing or a curse. As is known to all, mobile phone has many advantages over traditional phones. First, it ...
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Shares Who will be on duty?
Rosanna 2020-1-9 09:23
Who will be on duty?
It is always a challenge who will be on duty during Chinese New Year in any positions of work. CNY is the most important festival in a year of China, so that everyone no matter how busy they are in a year, they would like to get rid of the work and go back home with family together for N ...
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Shares Time is money
Rosanna 2020-1-5 10:19
Time is money
The meaning of the proverb “Time is money” is similar to that of the famous Chinese saying, which goes like this: “A second of time cannot be purchased with an ounce of gold”. Both emphasize the preciousness of time. Some people misinterpret this proverb. They think some ...
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Shares The effects of automobiles on our lives
Rosanna 2019-12-30 10:17
The effects of automobiles on our lives
The use of cars in becoming more and wider spread in the twentieth century. Today many Chinese people are dreaming of owning a private car is not the problem in our life. My A Yi’s home has two cars, I asked her why you get out from home to be A Yi, she said that she just wan ...
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Shares How computer will change our lives
Rosanna 2019-12-26 10:28
How computer will change our lives
With the increasing use of computers in many different areas, people’s life style will be greatly changed in the future. There are a number of effect computers have on our lives. Perhaps the most dramatic one is on the way of communication. By surfing on the information highw ...
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Shares The important of friendship
Rosanna 2019-12-23 09:37
The important of friendship
Friendship means being friendly to each other or making friends with one another. Human beings are social animals. They need each other both physically and emotionally. Everyone needs friendship. On one hand with so many ups and downs in our lives, we need friends to share not ...
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Shares New Year will be coming soon
Rosanna 2019-12-21 10:07
New Year will be coming soon
The New Year is around the corner, everybody is busy to say good bye to the old year and welcome the New Year coming. Look back this year of 2019, I have full of happiness with my family and my friends around me. My daughter got the promotion after two years on this new compan ...
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