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Shares Trip to US (part 9)
Rosanna 2019-11-21 12:09
Trip to US (part 9)
Grand Canyon is one of national park, where is our one of destination for this trip. It is located at state of Arizona. Which is sort of run east-west about 350km away and 1600 meters deep height, there is a river pass by the bottom of valley. Oct 13 was the weekend, and the p ...
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Shares Trip to US (part 8)
Rosanna 2019-11-21 10:29
Trip to US (part 8)
I believe everybody remembered Forrest Gump, the film I like it very much. The guy who is slow-witted, and are only, Nevertheless, by keeping a sincere attitude toward life, they eventually made a success beyond the reach of many wise people, that’s why I like the film very famous. ...
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Shares Trip to US (part 7)
Rosanna 2019-11-19 11:09
Trip to US (part 7)
This US trip we were focus visiting the nature views in more than three weeks. At the first week we have been to Yellow Stone Park, Grand Teton and Arches National Park, at the following days we were going to Grand Canyon, Dead horse Point, Monument Valley and Seattle. Oct 12t ...
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Shares Trip to US (part 6)
Rosanna 2019-11-12 10:45
Trip to US (part 6)
Arches National Park where I only saw it from TV or magazine, The golden yellow landscape arches likes a toy hanging on the blue sky, Today Oct 10th I realized the great picture was showing in front of me. Today we were going to 180km away to the park, as these days we were u ...
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Shares Miss you Mom
Rosanna 2019-11-11 10:44
Miss you Mom
These days I blame myself why I didn’t accompany my mom longer. My brother lives with her together starting from this year, because of she is 86 years old and her health is not as good as before, sometime she is a little mess in her mind when she is talking something or somebody, she i ...
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Shares Trip to US (part 5)
Rosanna 2019-11-6 10:19
Trip to US (part 5)
This was the fourth day In Yellow park from the east to the west and following number 8 line we went to every corners, but we have not given full expression to the view, we still wanted to stay longer and more. This trip for living we were almost one night only and then move to next sto ...
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Shares Friendship is always there
Rosanna 2019-11-4 12:40
Friendship is always there
Regina, it is familiar and unfamiliar as well, She is one of our four gold flowers, which mean we worked in at Cost Control in LiDu holiday inn hotel together at my first job, the name was given by our first boss Mr. Vincent, Rigina, Mary, Margret and Rosanna, still remember. At 35th an ...
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Shares Trip to US (part4)
Rosanna 2019-11-3 20:25
Trip to US (part4)
One purpose of this US trip was visiting Yellow Stone Park, which is the biggest park in the world. We were told at least three or four days to follow the line number 8 every corners of the park if you want to visit it deeply. I can say we were the lucky birds because of snowing in Octo ...
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Shares Trip to US (part3)
Rosanna 2019-10-30 12:10
Trip to US (part3)
Grand Teton is national park and one of our destinations as well, it has beautiful snow mountains with 4198 meters height, there are about 20 more snow mountains and Green Lake. There are many kind of animals we are hard to call the name, but we had to know enjoy a safe visit and be bea ...
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Shares Trip to US (part2)
Rosanna 2019-10-28 13:01
Trip to US (part2)
We selected the seats of the plane was in front which can stench the legs for long trip, even it might pay 500rmb extra, you know Daniel he know how and where to buy the ticket with big discount, it was unbelievable the price of the round trip ticket is only xxxx. Anita always ...
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