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Shares Humor
2022-5-13 14:50
If you intend using humor in your talk to make people smile, you must know how to identify shared experiences and problems, your humor must be relevant to the audience and should help to show them that you are one of them or that you understand their situation and are in sympathy with their po ...
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Shares Two new books
2022-4-24 16:12
Two new books
I bought two new books from on line recently, one is in Chinese, A sweet talker woman with high EQ (Emotional quotient - intelligent), I am trying to translate of the book, don’t laugh at me. And another one is in English, Beyond the city, which is recommend by YLYK, I was told it can ...
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Shares Go for a picnic
2022-4-18 10:55
Go for a picnic
What’s the picnic? The people are taking some foods eating outside with the tent. Especially at this season with the blue sky and many of fresh flowers at the every corner in the park is good time the picnic. This idea was agreed by my whole family, so last weekend, I bought ...
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Shares A little happiness
2022-4-13 10:34
A little happiness
Ms. Wang Xiao Qian is one of my favorite anchors, I know many people knows her from TV program, she was a good and famous host in Exchange Space performance. Now I am the funs of her in Tik Tok, I have learned a lot from her vlogs including routine tips, education for kids, food health, ...
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Shares Shepherd’s purse荠菜
2022-4-4 16:51
Do notknow ifchildrencanunderstandshepherd's purse? March and April is shepherd’s purse green season, which is in everywhere in the field, the people would like making the shepherd’s purse dumpling with meat, due to it is easy stirring into the meat ...
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Shares My view on fashion-seeking
2022-3-29 13:53
Fashion make people look more beautiful and add color to our life, especially young women, try every means to follow the fashion, which is including clothes, shoes, facial, polish nail, perfect eyelash, Chanel, LV, and sports Car as well. Yet it changes so quickly that what you wear tod ...
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Shares Spring snow
2022-3-18 13:54
Spring snow
The epidemic situation is more and more serious in China recently, almost over thousands cases in daily, the prevention and control in everywhere is strictly, showing the green code is only the permission to go anywhere. The people might have to take Covid-19 testing if your community or the p ...
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Shares Rope skipping
2022-3-11 14:02
Rope skipping
Recently rope skipping is one of my favorite sports, which is easy to carry out when you are going to somewhere, and no need to find fellows with you or the place, like table tennis, we may have to have the table first, and everybody knows that Rope skipping is the one of most sports fo ...
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Shares My view of family
2022-3-3 10:59
My view of family
Family will always be very important in my life. I was born in a loving family, there are five people in my family, and I have two brothers, my dad was died at the long time ago, and I could always count on my mom and my brothers to be there when I needed them, I don’t think there’s a ...
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Shares Can success be measured in terms of money?
2022-2-25 09:48
Can success be measured in terms of money?
There is a deep-rooted concept in the minds of many people that money is the only yardstick for success, Money can buy the house, car, luxury stuffs, what you want, what they do not realize, however, is that there are many kinds of success, and that some are associated with wealth but o ...
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