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Shares My potential
2019-2-21 10:45
My potential
I like swimming since many years ago, not only it doesn’t like running which is making me so sweat and a little bit tired each time, but also I like be a fish in the water freely, I have never missing any chances for swimming, such as going to the beach or the seaside or any hotel with pool ...
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Shares Lantern festival
2019-2-19 14:49
Lantern festival
Lantern Festival is the fifteenth day of the first month of lunar year, and the last day of Spring Festival, the people would like enjoying the glorious full moon and decorating the colourful light in the evening, eating sweet dumpling at home, making the day to other high remark. The ...
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Shares Flower plus
2019-2-16 14:08
Flower plus
Flower plus is one of delivery fresh flower App, I knew it from my daughter, I found one bottle of fresh flower at her home, the fresh smell was really attractive me, and I was told She bought it from this App, the package was sending four times a brunch fresh flowers with two vases, it is be ...
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Shares Snowing in Beijing
2019-2-14 11:25
Snowing in Beijing
These days I was extremely busy, the first snow in Beijing of this year, many of people were looking forward the day coming in this winter, as all know many of cities near Beijing has had the snow for a week, as per weather forecast it should be had early in Beijing area, it was too late till ...
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Shares Anita Anita Anita
2019-2-8 08:32
Anita Anita Anita
It is often said that three times for important thing. Anita is a very important friend in my life, I have written a lot about her story in my blogs, I believe many people read my blogs has already mentioned her life, her work and her family. She was still working in Cambodia since th ...
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Shares Happy Chinese new year
2019-2-6 15:01
Happy Chinese new year
Chinese New Year eve is the most important day in a year, the day is the family get together, no matter where you are, everybody wants to go back home and sitting in front of parents and relatives have an evening dinner. That’s why a lot people just for the day, working overtime before the d ...
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Shares Yesterday was the nightmare
2019-2-2 13:18
Yesterday was the nightmare
The day before yesterday Tiger was helped by other from the company in the morning, I was shocked by the situation. These days he went to swim and go out in normal, this morning he left home after breakfast to work by foot, nothing wrong with him, I was told that just sitting in front of comp ...
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Shares The northern off-year
2019-1-29 10:03
The northern off-year
Yesterday was 23th of 12th lunar year, which is the northern off-year, as the traditional way the people would like eating dumpling and cleaning the room at the day, the meaning is good new look for new year and starting purchases for the spring festival, to ring the old year out and new year ...
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Shares Go to the fair
2019-1-25 14:29
Go to the fair
Before Chinese New Year, the people would like going to the fair to buy some foods which are not available from the supermarket for the family, even the price is a little expensive then normal, but the quality is more fresh and good enough. Agriculture exhibition centre is located in th ...
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Shares How nice trip we had
2019-1-22 10:27
How nice trip we had
The trip with my friends to Hai Nan was for two weeks, I joined them after a few days later. So the first it can say it was the long time period, and then six of us, amount of people for the group, you know as our ages, we have the parents, and children, the most of husbands are the bab ...
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