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Shares Nice Cycling
2020-5-25 11:17
Nice Cycling
May is the good season for outing in a year. I broke the cycling appointment at the last time with my rider friends, because of my waist was painful again for more than two weeks; I knew I was busy with my house renovation. I was not willing to say no with them but I have to. ...
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Shares Mother’s Day
2020-5-17 14:45
Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is the second Sunday of May. I pay no attention on Mother’s day each year even I am a mother, maybe it comes from western country. Normally at the mother will receive Carnation from her friends or family, that’s why the flower of Chinese name is English pronunciation. ...
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Shares What’s your favourite career?
2020-4-28 09:40
What’s your favourite career?
What's your favourite career? Different periods I have different dreams in my life. When I was at the school time, I admired to be a doctor, like dentists, to be told the dentist can earn a lot of money in the overseas at the time. But unfortunately I was not admitted to a u ...
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Shares The baby got the sick
2020-4-22 09:37
The baby got the sick
My daughter has been worked for the month. The baby is cared by Grandma right now, she is a quite nice people and she takes a good care of baby and also she cleans the house and cooking for their meals at her limitation spare time. We are planning the time for helps by A YI in our big f ...
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Shares What’s your favourite holiday?
2020-4-14 11:51
What’s your favourite holiday?
People in modern society like to make the most of their holiday to relax and enjoy life. But they might choose different places for their holidays. Some spend their holiday in mountains, others to the countryside and live with a local family. I prefer to go to the seaside for a holiday ...
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Shares We will meet again
2020-4-7 10:09
We will meet again
Warmly encourage people by British Queen recently as followings: I am speaking to you at what I know is an increasingly challenging time. A time of disruption in the life of our country: a disruption that has brought grief to some, financial difficulties to many, and enormous ...
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Shares Very good speech
2020-4-2 12:57
Very good speech
Foreign Minister of Korea is a tough woman who has a very good speech recently about how to fight the epidemic corona virus in Korea. Don’t lock down the city which is quite different with other European counties and getting attention to the people in the world, this is the interview, ...
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Shares If I were a teacher
2020-3-30 09:52
If I were a teacher
Teaching is said to be the most honourable occupation on earth, and teachers help the growth of children just as gardeners do with flowers. Though I won’t choose teaching as my career, I have my view of being a qualified teacher. I know I am not qualify being a teacher at al ...
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Shares Go back to the normal
2020-3-23 13:50
Go back to the normal
After two months later, everything almost goes back to the normal in China, the green plants and trees are starting to say hello to the people, who are waken up from depression of corona virus. Most of workers have returned back to the work, and many of companies and projects have been ...
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Shares Birthday gift
2020-3-18 10:18
Birthday gift
Mar 15th is the birthday of Tiger, which is 60 years old of this year, the best gift for him is the autobiography “No regrets in life” which has been prepared for one year, finally at the birthday of the day we received 100 booked on hand. At one year ago, Tiger had the ide ...
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