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Shares The best way of learning about life
2019-9-17 09:35
The best way of learning about life
The ideas on which is the best way of learning about life vary from person to person. Some people hold that the best way of learning about life is by listening to the advice from family and friends. However, other people hold that it could be achieved through personal experience. As to me, I ...
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Shares My willfully way
2019-9-16 14:28
My willfully way
I am the only girl in my family, some time I was little loneness when I was a girl, that’s why I like to play house at home by myself, I like to make the cloth for my toy baby, neckerchief fabric and artificial collar that were all DIY. After married I am busy with the work and th ...
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Shares Sent to the hospital
2019-9-12 10:15
Sent to the hospital
At the last few weeks, we were at Pan Shan home in weekend as usual, Tiger with his nephew were at home studying English, I went to the property office for my toy. When I was backing home, Tiger told me his heart rate was so fast, and he had taken saving pills. I can see he looked so uncomfo ...
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Shares Package tours or travelling individually
2019-9-8 09:56
Package tours or travelling individually
With the improvement of people’s living standards, many people can afford a holiday by leaving their living place and visiting those tourist attractions. But people choose different way so travelling according to their own interests. Some people like travelling with others, while others pre ...
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Shares Buying a house in downtown or suburbs?
2019-9-3 10:02
Buying a house in downtown or suburbs?
With the development of the market economy in China, many people have bought or are going to buy houses for themselves. As to where to buy a new house, sometimes it is difficult to make a wise decision. Some people choose to buy house in downtown, because life is very convenient an ...
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Shares How to keep fit
2019-8-27 09:51
How to keep fit
Nowadays more and more people are aware that no other things are more important than health in people’s lives. In order to keep fit, it is suggested that you take the following advice. To start with, regular exercise makes you physically strong enough to deal with the stress you might ...
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Shares Portable shoe cabinet
2019-8-26 13:49
Portable shoe cabinet
I cannot say I love to buy shoe cabinets for the hill of shoes at home, I must say I have to clear up the shoe which I have fed it up to my head. I told my daughter many times, please don’t buy too many shoe, some of them in one style just in different color, we don’t have enough space for ...
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Shares Helicopter parenting
2019-8-20 09:41
Helicopter parenting
Helicopter parenting describes a style of raising children where parents were over protective and do too much. It describes parents hover over their kids at home and at the playground like a helicopter. Today modern technology allows these helicopter parents to hover from even far away. They ...
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Shares Sun flowers
2019-8-13 10:19
Sun flowers
Sun flower is kind of plant with the beautiful flowers, the head of flower is following the sun from day to night. Flower language is silent of love, unspoken love, faith, superior, loyalty and admire. That’s why we called our intimate group is the one, because we are the childhood friends ...
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Shares Love selfies, Love photographs
2019-8-6 10:10
Love selfies, Love photographs
Selfies are more popular than ever, according to data from Google trends. Some of people may measure their happiness in brands and show their success with selfies. My friends take a lot of selves and won’t hang out with people hotter than her. But I love selfies, love photographs, I like sh ...
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