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Shares Return to the childhood place
2019-6-25 15:10
Return to the childhood place
We returned to the area 50 years later and left with millions of our childhood memorizes at Shan Xi province Jie Xiu city again. Today returns to the city where we spent three years there in 1969-1972. We would like to find out our houses we lived in before, the street lamp where we p ...
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Shares A horrible Weekend
2019-6-18 14:13
A horrible Weekend
“ Weekend ” is a word that usually makes me happy. The word brings back memories of Weekend morning get up late and spent watching films on television. Last weekend, unfortunately, almost changed the meaning of the word; it was a terrible day. Every weekend we go to Pan Shan hou ...
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Shares My View on Opportunity
2019-6-14 11:50
My View on Opportunity
Different people have different views on opportunity. It is held that there are few opportunities. But it is also held that there are opportunities everywhere. Those who hold the first opinion think that there are too many people and there is always an intense competition for limi ...
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Shares Shanghai, A unique city in China
2019-6-12 11:46
Shanghai, A unique city in China
I have been to many modern cities in the world including Shanghai, Frankly speaking If I have the time for the holiday, Shanghai for sure is not my first choose, I don’t like Shanghai city much. Not because of it is the harbour city, the weather is hot in summer, even it is one of modern and ...
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Shares Going picnic
2019-6-9 08:41
Going picnic
Dragon Boat Festival is an ancient traditional festivals, began in the Spring and Autumn period, which was originated from Qu Yuan’s story. Also called the Duanwu Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar, people always eat rice dumplings a ...
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Shares Harmful effects of divorce on society
2019-6-4 11:19
Harmful effects of divorce on society
There are many couples divorced around me, my friends, my relatives; they don’t care other family members feeling by divorce. We can see its everywhere including TV shows, the lawyer helps the divorce family trying to be settle their house, children and all property in legally. The p ...
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Shares Match of Balance bike for baby
2019-6-3 11:15
Match of Balance bike for baby
My daughter told me at the two weeks ago that there was a game of balance bike for baby, she has nominated for Xiao Bao. The event would be hold at SKP Beijing where is her company, and this is the final competition after select 300 participants, due to her relationship our baby would not tak ...
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Shares Trip to Cambodia (part 2)
2019-5-31 10:37
Trip to Cambodia (part 2)
We were going to stay in the capital of Cambodia Phnom Penh for four or five days. There was only 40 minutes by air from Westport to here, it was very convenience compare with two years ago that taken 5 hours by car. Anita’s driver picked us up in the airport on time. Anita wa ...
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Shares Trip to Cambodia
2019-5-28 13:12
Trip to Cambodia
The last month there was big news that Tigar’s company was named top one hundred property companies in China, We are all happy to accept the act and also be out of our imagination a little bit. At the same time, to be Chairman of the company, Tiger wants to develop his business in overseas at ...
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Shares Meeting with Anita
2019-5-20 10:32
Meeting with Anita
Anita everybody knows who she is if you are around me, She is very important person in my life, She has been working in Cambodia more than four years, every time she came back from there no matter the business or the holiday for her, the meeting in between must be has. Why she is importa ...
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