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Shares Visible ear cleaning
2020-9-20 14:54
Visible ear cleaning
Tiger and I would like going to body massage or foot massage sometime, no matter where we are, either in Pan Shan or Beijing, two or three times a week. Tiger is poor health, that’s why he would like going such place with one package service including SPA, cupping, massage and ear trea ...
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Shares Clothes influence manners
2020-9-15 10:13
Clothes influence manners
I like running outside in the morning, I do care my looking, if I wear my T shirt with famous logo, red sport shoes, and arm bag with my nice music, much to my surprised, even say I have been running extend to my bottom line not feeling tired at all, on the contrary, if I wear leisure c ...
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Shares First day to kindergarten
2020-9-11 09:41
First day to kindergarten
September is back to school month, especially after epidemic, almost a half year all colleges or schools including kindergartens in China were closed till this month. Li Xiao Bao is three and a half years old, today is his first day to kindergarten day. First day to the formal ...
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Shares What is the ideal teacher-student relationship?
2020-9-7 13:33
What is the ideal teacher-student relationship?
A good teacher-student relationship should be established on the basis of mutual understanding and respect. It improves both teaching and learning. When I was a student, teachers were the highest position, super power in our mind, their words were more powerful than parents, ...
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Shares Thanks for your coming
2020-8-31 10:38
Thanks for your coming
Anita, everybody knows she is my best female friend. At the last weekend I was so delighted she and some friends came to my house to play. Anita works in Cambodia for some years till today, she is happy to be a tough lady and a professional manager, no matter how much she ear ...
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Shares Taking things easy
2020-8-25 11:20
Taking things easy
Why you lead a life so busy? You’d better take things easy. As long as Money can help you that‘s not the problem. 5 8 app is a good platform helping you a lots on any affairs when you asked for helps, such as daily cleaning, maintenance, baby sister, installation and pick u ...
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Shares Lost interests
2020-8-21 11:45
Lost interests
Everybody knows that I love English since long time ago. “Using my own words to decorate the daily life” is my introduction of Wechat, and my public account to myself said: “English knowledge is the key to open the higher opportunities”. That’s why I have kept writing English blog ...
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Shares Making Custard
2020-8-14 10:24
Custard is the new word for me, I just look up the dictionary to write it down here. Why I am talking about it? Due to I am wild about Baking and Pastry recently, almost every day I am surfing Tik Tok to find some funny videos including how to make Custard in details, what ’s the ingredient and ...
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Shares The baby will go to the kindergarten
2020-8-10 11:09
The baby will go to the kindergarten
Li Xiao Bao is three and a half year old, He will go to the kindergarten at September this year, and the location of kindergarten is not too far from our home, it takes 10 minutes by foots. Our family are so happy to welcome the day coming, since the past three years, child care is not ...
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Shares My childhood friends
2020-8-6 14:39
My childhood friends
Ya Jing and Guo Ping are my childhood friends, the meaning is we lived at the same community with the family when we were a little girl, then we went to school together. So both of them are one of my best friends, especially Ya Jing and I was in the same class since senior high school f ...
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